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Halo Infinite Season 2 Release Date, Modes & Everything We Know About Big Halo Update


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Halo Infinite Season 1 has had its fair share of ups and downs and 343 Industries is looking to improve everything with Halo Infinite Season 2. The developers recently informed players about the changes coming to Halo Infinite going forward. As per Jerry Hook, Head of Design, players will be able to earn credits with the Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass. Credits are earned via real cash and players can use them to purchase Battle Pass, purchase in-game cosmetics, or buy levels within the Battle Pass.

But when does Halo Infinite Season 2 start? As of now, 343 Industries has not officially revealed an exact start date for the new season. However, going by the current in-game information, the first season will end on May 2, meaning that the Halo Infinite Season 2 start date might be May 2, 2022. Players can expect some downtime before the new season starts, setting the start date to May 3.

The developers have been quite tight-lipped about Halo Infinite Season 2 but some things have been confirmed. Most notably, the co-op campaign mode will be arriving with the new season. The already mentioned earnable credits in next season’s battle pass have been confirmed to arrive. Leaks have even suggested that Season 2 will include new maps, in-game events, tournaments, new and returning game modes, free events, unique guns, and more.

According to a different leak, below are the new multiplayer maps going to be coming with Halo Infinite Season 2 (as for now, we only know the names of these new maps):

  • Bath Salts
  • Cataract
  • Forbidden
  • Beltway
  • Solitude

However, these remain leaks without any official confirmation from the developers. The much-hyped and talked Forge mode is also expected to drop sometime likely during the next season. In previous Halo titles, it enables players to take control and build their very own experiences in the game. Last year, the developers had announced that the co-op and the Forge mode will not be available at launch and will be added to the game as part of the seasonal post-launch roadmap. As per creative director Joseph Staten, “unfortunately, as we focused the team for a quality experience for launch, we made the really tough decision to delay shipping campaign co-op for launch, and we made the tough decision for delaying Forge past launch as well.” Players can expect more information about the next season in the weeks to come.

Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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