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Halo Infinite: Warzone Mode Could Return According to Datamine

Halo 5's Warzone may be making a comeback.

by Aaron Nashar


Another Halo Infinite leak has made its way onto Reddit today. According to ItsYaBoi-SkinnyBum, there is a line in the files of Halo Infinite’s last technical flight that indicates that Halo 5’s Warzone mode is making its way back in Halo Infinite.

According to another leaker Zhukov, the word “Warzone “that may be behind the return of the very divisive Halo 5 game mode is included under a list that is interestingly titled “mode_variant_names”.

Halo 5 was the first game to introduce the Warzone mode, and the fanbase was quite divided in its reception. The mode is a 12v12 match where players can choose the weapons they spawn with from their inventory, and in order to get more and better weapons, players had to purchase “REQ Packs” from which players were getting randomized weapons and customization options.

It’s worth mentioning that Halo Infinite’s angsty fanbase has gotten some bad news last Friday when 343 had announced that the game will launch without campaign co-op and forge mode. With forge arriving 6 months post-launch, and campaign co-op coming in season 2 of the game after 3 months.


While Warzone is not yet confirmed by 343 and a mere rumor, the game is confirmed to have another iconic Halo game mode, Big Team Battle. 343 has announced that the Big Team Battle mode and general PvP gameplay will be the main focus of the next Halo Infinite flight. In order to have a chance at participating in the next flight, simply sign-up here.

Halo Infinite is confirmed to be coming this Holiday season, with no exact release date set as of right now. The game will be available on day 1 with Xbox Game Pass, with a free multiplayer mode, and will be releasing on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC.

- This article was updated on August 23rd, 2021

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