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Halo Infinite Will Launch Without Co-Op Campaign and Forge Mode

Release Date No Longer in Doubt, and More Flights Coming Soon.

by Aaron Nashar


343 has just dropped a development update on YouTube containing a lot of updates on Halo Infinite so far, and its road map for the future. During the video, it has been confirmed that both campaign and multiplayer are launching this year, however, forge mode and campaign co-op will be later added in later updates.

During the development update, it has been confirmed that there will be at least one other flight for Halo Infinite Multiplayer happening ahead of launch, and it will focus mainly on PvP action and will feature the first look at the highly anticipated Big Team Battle mode.

Big Team Battle mode will test before launch

343 has also confirmed that multiple bugs and problems that popped up during the first Halo Infinite flight have already been addressed. Players from now on should expect “at least” 20% enhanced performance on PC, players will not face much of the matchmaking issues anymore, loading screens will be shorter and will now be better looking.

Lead developer, Joseph Staten, has expressed his admiration for the co-op experience, he and his son are nowadays playing Halo 2 on Legendary and in couch co-op. He then updated the fans that as important as the feature is, it will be delayed and coming later in the Second Season of the game in order to get it right, which should be 3 months after launch.

Forge mode on the other hand will also not be available in Halo Infinite at launch, it will be shipped in the Third Season of the game, which should be 6 months post-launch. Staten has also confirmed that Halo Insiders will also be able to play the Forge mode ahead of its official launch.


Joseph Staten has then stated that the development team is currently in shut down mode, also known as review mode, they’re essentially figuring out each discovered bug and polishing the readily available features to run flawlessly at launch across all platforms.

Fans should also expect more gameplay captures of the campaign ahead of launch, and Staten has finally confirmed that fans should say their goodbye’s to the Craig meme because he is now looking “sharp”.

Finally, 343’s Staten has also confirmed that a road map of content and updates for the first year post-launch is already figured out and that they are they’re getting started on its development. Halo Infinite is finally releasing this Holiday season,

- This article was updated on August 20th, 2021

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