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Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Edition Appears on Amazon UK

| August 4, 2014

Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Edition Appears on Amazon UK News  Halo: The Master Chief Collection

UPDATE: Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has tweeted that the listing was a retail mistake. The original story follows:

The leaks and rumors surrounding a possible PC release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection continue to pile up. Recently a listing for the game appeared on, the Spanish version of the popular online retailer. Also, entries have been found within the Steam database for Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3. Today a new listing has popped up on The listing is currently still available, but expect it to be removed soon.

The title is listed separately from the main Halo: The Master Chief Collection page, and currently only allows users to sign up to be notified if/when it becomes available. Admittedly, this listing alone is highly doubtful evidence, but given the past leaks it becomes more significant. It is still another piece of mounting evidence that Microsoft might be releasing the highly anticipated compilation for PC.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Edition Appears on Amazon UK News  Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Amazon UK has been known to leak information before a game’s official announcement. The last time it happened they revealed the existence of a PC version of Tekken 7. Before that they accidentally posted a listing for Mortal Kombat X which was to be unveiled at E3 later that month. However, other time Amazon simply creates a placeholder page in anticipation of a possible release. We’ll have to wait and see which one this turns out to be, but I’m sure a lot of gamers are hoping it is a leak.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection combines the four main entries in the Halo series into one package. Taking the remade Halo: Anniversary Edition, adding in  remastered Halo 2: Anniversary, and making the Xbox 360 games run at 1080 and 60 fps. If the game does end up on PC it will be the first time Halo 3 and Halo 4 have been playable on PC. The original releases of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 made it to PC, but they are quite outdated now and require a lot of work to get running.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be released on November 11th for Xbox One. And, if these listings and rumors end up being true, PC as well.

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  • Country Boy Lucifer

    lol “exclusive”

    I might get this when it’s cheaper on steam, I quite likes the early halos

    • kaz

      Still exclusive for microsoft os

      • Dragonzord

        Probably requires Windows 8, they care about pushing up the ailing OS more than the console, that’s why 2 came out Vista only

        • jeezus

          i hope not, if not ill have to see thee ol’ bay for upgrades

          • supersungin

            they shot themselves into the foot

        • L337COD4 .

          Would be pretty pointless; they pulled the same shit with Halo 2 and DX10, so hackers got to work and soon the most popular version was the one that made MS no money. MS has done some pretty stupid stuff, but I can’t believe they’d be that stupid to make the same mistake twice.

          • Yskar

            Windows 8, metro stuff, it will not surprise me if it will be running en METRO (so yeah, no wine fot this).

        • Victor_Hoffman

          steamOS ;)

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        Ha ha ha really?

      • Allen

        PC is not Microsoft. Just the operating system it’s not their hardware only software which is exactly where they belong. But Xbox is improving.

        • Tony

          That’s what kaz is saying. Microsoft OS – OS meaning operating system. *facepalm*

          • Steven Hiller


          • Unlimited

            He means that no matter what ur PC is, its gonna play only and only on Windows operating system. Won’t support Linux, Mac, Ubuntu.

          • Allen

            Steam has been building their Linux library and the new steam machine is based on linux. iOS has been more friendly towards gaming as well.

            Microsoft IS NOT my beloved PC gaming. Fk anyone that tries to say that the all mighty PC is Microsoft.

            If it were microsoft then it would have been riddled with paywalls and a forced subscription service. Microsoft is simply the operating system which is designed for the entire PC not just gaming.

            I mean what if Sony had outsourced it’s operating system to say Samsung. Does that make PlayStation a Samsung device? No it fking doesn’t.

            Microsoft just happened to have been more friendly for business computers and easily ruled the early years of PC so it was just by default that the developers, NOT ASSOCIATED WITH MICROSOFT used their operating system for their games.

            My god butt hurt xbots just think they are the greatest thing in the world. Xbox sucks, PC is not xbox nor microsoft, there are some microsoft titles like Halo on PC just like Sony has tons of free to play games on PC. Doesn’t make it a Sony platform.

          • Tony

            Comprehension isn’t your forte. Again read kaz’s comment and come back with me on an answer instead bitching about Microsoft being this evil corporation when every corporation is the same way you delusional narrow minded hypocrite sheepshead son of a bitch fanboy!

          • Allen

            PC is not Microsoft. Enough said.

            Like I fking said you little douche. If PC were a Microsoft platform the last 13 years would have been riddled with paywalls and forced worthless subscription service.

            Microsoft just so happened to be the most popular OS for most of PC’s existence and Apple was never too fond of games until recent years so there was no other choice for the developers and publishers which were in no way affiliated with microsoft.

            Grow the fk up. My god. Xbox sucks and Microsoft is not PC. Just the OS which is where they belong.

          • Tony

            Blah blah blah…your last sentence…”Just the OS which is where they belong” was the point I was trying to tell you moron! Everyone knows PC is not a microsoft platform. Tell us something we don’t know already other than throwing your filthy fanboy responses at me! BTW let me add ‘little douche’ to your title…that works great for you ;)

          • Allen

            Microsoft still sucks at hardware which is what I was saying. Look at the xbox one. It’s decent but it’s not near the quality of the PS4. Open them up and compare how tight knit the PS4 is, smaller, more powerful, includes power supply. Xbox bigger, less power, external power supply. I’ll give props that microsoft has been making some great progress to not be the greedy little fks they have in the past but to me it’s still the last place I would ever spend my money.

          • ?????

            “Microsoft still sucks”
            They make more money than Sony.
            Their products are rated higher.
            More blind hatred from Allen. What a douche.

          • Allen

            LOL what!? What freaking products are rated higher?

            Xbox – nope
            lol Zune – nope
            lol Surface – nope

            MicroSOFT sucks at HARDWARE.

          • ?????

            LOL you’re butthurt. Spoken like a true Sony shill.

          • Allen

            lol you are avoiding the response. As expected. Now ya pathetic little fk. List me those products that are rated higher. That’s okay, you can run now. I don’t expect to see a reply from you,.

          • ?????
          • Allen

            LOL! So where is Zune, Windows Phone, Xbox and Surface.

            Oh wait Windows phone made it on there. A whopping rating of 3. I suppose it’s out of 10 on this site. Which is another thing, this is just one sites opinion.

            Microsoft Azure (Current Rating: 9)
            Dynamics CRM Online (Current Rating: 8)
            Exchange Server/SharePoint Server (Current Rating: 5)
            Lync Server/Skype (Current Rating: 7)
            Office 365 (Current Rating: 9)
            SQL Server (Current Rating: 7)
            System Center (Current Rating: 7)
            Windows (Current Rating: 6)
            Windows Phone (Current Rating: 3)

            So we have Cloud computing which yes Microsoft has invested heavily in and is used widely. So yes.

            Not sure what Dynamics CRM is. It looks like a business solution entity. Whatever. It’s not hardware.

            Exchange Server – hum 50%

            Lync Server/Sklype – 70%

            office 365 – Office is huge in the workplace. What’s unfortunate is that Office 365 is a scam via pushing for a subscription service. You don’t pay you don’t get to have office. It’s so much better to purchase and own your software.

            SQL Server – 70%

            System Center – 70%

            Windows – lol 60%

            Windows Phone – 30% wow that’s rated high like you said!

            Just like I said microsoft sucks ard HARDWARE. Dumb fk

            Zune would be around windows phone at 30% as well as Surface. Xbox is the only decent piece of hardware microsoft has and that is underpowered, with expensive and many accessories lacking features competition has, almost no exclusive content, many “exclusives” on PC and a more expensive subscription service that comes with far fewer and most of the time far underrated games compared to the less expensive competition.

            so you may continue running like a little bitch.

          • ?????

            Thanks for proving my point that you’re just a disgusting fucker who literally has nothing better to do than spend his whole life on the internet. No wonder why you work at McDonald’s!

            Get mental help, it’s not healthy to hate on pieces of plastic.
            You are lying, evil, mentally ill, feece flinging, demented human fanboy waste.

          • Allen

            Ha! I called you on your $hit and all you can do is insult me like a pathetic little bitch.

            That’s right. It’s okay. I’m used to idiot fk xbots running away calling names when I come in and drop a fking fact bomb on your dumb delusional ass.

            ha ha! I fking pwned you and all you can do is call names. I love it.

            And all what? Because I followed YOUR LINK? And then proved you WRONG. While commenting on video games one of my many hobbies I enjoy and enjoy writing about? lol

          • ?????

            Thanks again for proving my point that you’re just a pathetic fanboy who has nothing better to than to troll this website bitching to anything good about xbox and bad with PS. I’m not a blind fanboy like, because unlike you I buy a product if its good or not, rather than just blindly picking a brand’s product even though it’s shitty.
            “I’m 32, married, have two kids, and work at ATM”
            I just LMFAO at you. You say you have many “hobbies”. Like what? Masterbating? Trolling? Having a tea party with stuffed animals?
            Keep proving my point you disgusting little shit.

          • Allen

            Oh so me replying to a totally retarded fking troll is “proving your point” And what point is that?

            You are just mad because I pwn you in every way on every article. You are the pathetic douche bag here spewing lies and disinformation about a fking video game console.

            I enjoy playing video games and writing about them. So what?

            Other hobbies? Camping, Biking, Hiking, Swimming, Skiing, lifting weights, playing board/Dice/Card games, pool, darts, beer pong, cooking/food, fine ales and singstar (singstar and tequila = major fun party)

            I work for a major printer with facilities all around the world. I have personally gone to Prague to support operations there along with my wife all paid for by my company. I don’t make a ton of money but I make decent money. I have a ton of fine things because I don’t piss out my hard earned money on worthless $hit like xbox and xbox live. As a PC/PS3/PS4/WiiU gamer I can play just about every game ever made and the only subscription I have is to PS+ which introduces me and gives me tons of huge free games a year across 3 platforms. Highly rated games, thousands of dollars worth of free games a year.

            While you what? Sit there stroking your fking xbox and your xbot friends with your lies?

            Oh xbox is the best…stroke stroke.

            XBL is so smooth and lag free…stroke stroke.

            You fking disgust me.

          • ?????

            ROFL, you didn’t prove me wrong on anything! I refuse to believe you have that kind of life. You’re probably lucky you’re a fucking mailman. If you think I’m a pathetic douchebag, take a moment and notice you copy everything Allen does.
            Until then, go fuck yourself.

          • Allen

            Duh, I’m a dumbass and I have no idea what I’m saying, I’m fat, and let me suck your dick. Go Xbox One!

          • I still consider the Xbox 360+ the most ergonomic gamepad ever released to gamers… Sony makes great cinematic content, and great music equipment…

          • Allen

            Well you are entitled to your opinion….no matter how wrong you are :-)

            Sony makes fantastic hardware in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Video, Audio and interactive. Hence why they own #1, #2, #4 best selling consoles in history and have a current monopoly on the gaming market.

          • Notice “both” went with AMD GPU’s this time out… Depressing…

          • MicrosoftAdvocate

            PC is actually a term to Describe the Microsoft Windows OS guys… In terms of gaming, it typically means Computer based gaming, such as Linux, Mac, and the traditional PC. Just clearing that up for anybody who happens to be under 20 years old…

            Microsoft’s main platform is the PC. Xbox is a side project compared to Windows.
            Allen is correct, Microsoft makes the most and traditionally focuses on Software Development. They do not have a way to make comparable amounts off of Hardware that to what they make off of licencing their content.

          • Dylan

            Actually PC stands for “Personal Computer” get your dictionaries correct brosky

          • Yskar

            Well, only for now, but this is changing rapdly cause the PCGaming enthusiast are almost all hard users and not care much ease of use, if your game will run faster and i will not have to format my PC ever again i will LEARN how to use this crap.

          • MicrosoftAdvocate

            PC’s have a better preforming hardware (typically), meaning that they have the power to play these titles “better”…
            Sorry that you had to put the Windows install disk in, to format your computer… But from what I have heard of the process it is not that difficult. If you are having difficulties with it there are plenty of PC Repair shops around you (or anywhere in the next town over), who you can pay a small amount to do it for you. To the same extent that you pay Microsoft when something goes wrong with their Xbox, such as a Red Ring. Consoles aren’t as perfect as it seems (to me), to be described in your post, that has not been my experience anyway.

            I hope you give PC Gaming another shot. But I also feel like I should “give” people the freedom to game on whatever platform they choose.

          • Yskar

            No, the process is realy easy (at least for me, it aways was), but very time consuming and irritating (i’m a computer techinician here in Brazil, and Windows irritates me since the changing from DOS oriented Win3.11 to Win95).

            I was refering the OS paradigm change in PC gaming from Windows to Linux.
            Linux is less likely to break even if compared to W8.1 (at least if you dont do something realy stupid using admin rights) and less resourse consuming.

            I aways used both for different tasks and i’m loving the actual ease of use of the Linux MInt and the touch centric W8 annoyed me when it was first released (but i fixed their stupid decision using Stardock’s Start8, nice optimization indeed, but this w8 interface and metro apps… URK, REEDEECULOUS).

            And i’m a PC Gamer enthusiast since PCs came to existence, but i like both (PC, consoles and portables) for what each plataform has to offer.

            Sorry if i was not clear in my statements, english is not my native language, and i’m not perfect at it yet. ;)

          • MicrosoftAdvocate

            These titles wold traditionally come to Windows about now… It is similar to the Halo 2 release at Xbox 360 launch… We are not talking about all of Halo being ported to PC or anything, just the old Halo titles… That way Microsoft can profit from sharing it with a more diverse range of Gamers (More people own a Windows PC, or an Xbox, than people who just own Xboxes)… It is simply marketing old titles to a larger audience, in order to sell more copies…

            I agree with you on the Windows 8 and Linux stuff… I am a computer Programmer. :)

            FYI, Stardock Start 8 is a program replacing the start menu. Attempting to look and feel like the old Windows start menu… Good. I hate all the metro stuff their doing right along side of you… It is not “optimized” however… When you press the Windows button Windows still attempts to bring up their start menu (at least that is what I have heard). Start 8 merely closes that menu and brings up its own, is what I have heard… Which is less “optimized” than just learning the new Metro interface. Just saying…

            From a development standpoint (and consumer standpoint), Gabe Newell hit the nail on the head in describing Windows 8 (and Microsoft’s new forced Metro style overall)…

          • Yskar

            “Start 8 merely closes that menu and brings up its own”

            NOOONONONONO, it wont start the metro crap AT ALL, it’s not THEIR start menu, they only bring back the old menu that’s still in windows code for legacy compatibility and customize it a lil, is way faster than start screen. (try it, you will love it)

            BUT you can use the metro start screen pressing and holding start key on the keyboard.

            So the metro crap will be totaly optional, in the way MS shoud have done from the start, Newell is a VISIONARY!

          • ?????

            Get mental help, it’s not healthy to hate on pieces of plastic.
            You are lying, evil, mentally ill, feece flinging human fanboy waste.

          • Steven Hiller

            So if Samsung outsourced their phone OS to say… Google, most people would call it a Samsung device? I.think they’d say they had an android.

          • Yskar

            I realy agree w/ ya, and i realy hope having a option for playing my games on Linux if i can, so my pirated windows 8.1 will be almost work only.

          • Allen

            Sorry, I’m just an ignorant troll who has nothing better to do than nag on Xbox all the time, buy Xbox One, you won’t regret it, unlike with what happened to the POS4.

        • The majority of Steam users are reported to prefer Windows 10 though – even Valve’s own “SteamOS” lags in comparison to the modern game lineup on Windows (though you have to hand it to Valve for pushing the Linux gamer community as a whole forward by bringing Steam to Linux natively…)

      • Yskar

        There’s WINE for it, so not quite Microsoft OS… At least if the person are not LAZY (or dumb).

  • Tga215

    Wow there goes Microsoft ace in the hole

    • Allen

      If this ends up true it certainly would kill xbox sales. It would still sell a ton but Halo is about the only system seller microsoft has so it wouldn’t benefit on the hardware side.

      • Anamalous

        They’ll probably release Halo 4, 5 et cetera a year later, “remastered” for PC after each Halo release.

      • Matt O’Brien

        PC gamers weren’t going to buy Xbox Ones to play Halo anyways, the sales difference between the 2 systems will probably barely overlap. People who buy Xbox Ones, aren’t going to buy it for PC, and people who PC’s capable of playing Halo 3/4 are not going to be buying XBox Ones regardless if it releases on PC or not.

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          People like me who owned a 360 and have a ps4 would of bought an x1 for it though and now I’ll get it for PC

          • Tony

            You’re assumptions don’t account for everybody…I know there is a PC cult wanting halo on their platform, but let’s face it. More gamers will play on xbox.

          • MicrosoftAdvocate

            Who buys a $500 console for a handful of halo titles? You already own a PS4…

        • Allen

          Halo is a system seller and if not on PC it would sway some to also get an xbone. As a PC and ps4 gamer I would get a chance to play the series again. I would never buy an Xbox but glAd to play their titles on PC.

          • MicrosoftAdvocate

            We are talking about a millionth of the Xbox 360 community may purchase a Xbox One for this and Halo 5. 99.9% of those people would buy it for Halo 5, not requiring the MC Collection (to be exclusive). Microsoft would profit more from sharing it to a wider range of Gamers, than keeping it exclusive.

            The best marketing ploy that Microsoft can have would be to release these old titles to ex-console Gamers, and say basically Halo will move on without you… Here are the old titles so you can revel in their Gameplay, but if you want Halo 5 you have to get a Xbox One.

            As you said however, I am willing to keep that $60 if they don’t want to spend a small amount of time porting it to PC… I will certainty keep the $500+ instead of buying the Xb One and Xbox Live…

      • ?????

        Crackdown, Forza, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Gears of War, etc.
        More lies from PS fanboys.

        • DrumStickNinja

          Gears of War is on PC and with Titanfall, Ryse and Project Spark on PC you can’t say Crackdown, Sunset Overdrive or Quantum Break won’t too.

          Usually most of xbox exclusives come to PC a year or so later and don’t require the xbox subscription.

          • ?????

            I don’t know a single person who plays them on PC. My PS4 is collecting dust due to no games.

    • Steven Hiller

      This is just the warm up, we’re all waiting for halo 5

  • HarryMGeorge

    We’ll have to wait and see which one this turns out to be, but I’m sure a lot of gamers are hoping it is a leak.

  • captainfatback
  • jaskdavis

    Oh my my my, Last week it was: “No Mans Land” announced for PC. Sony Fans: “Great, It’s more of a PC game and the devs get more money, we all win, Yayyy!”
    This Week: “Halo MCC” rumored to release on PC as well. Sony Fans: “Well there goes M$ Ace in the Hole, Trololol”
    LOL, Oh, my opinion? I think EVERY MS Game Studios game should be released on PC, just makes sense!

    • SisterSafetyPin

      No Man’s Sky isn’t the PS4’s “ace.” It’s not a secret sauce that Sony desperately needs to move consoles. It’s a game that almost everyone wants to play. On the other hand, doesn’t look like the Xbone will get that game.

      But you know, I agree. Every M$ studio game should be released for PC. That way no one ever has a reason to waste money on an Xbone. A PS4 + PC set up will do just nicely.

      • jaskdavis

        Master Chief Collection is not either, it’s like saying the Last of Us is Sony’s Ace? You made sense, then I lost you at “That way no one ever has a reason to waste money on an Xbone” -_- Halo 5 is the Ace, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, FH:2, Gears, etc. are all more aces than Master Chief Collection I would think?

        • SisterSafetyPin

          I wouldn’t at all consider any of those games Aces. Why play Halo 5 when I can play Destiny? I had a 360 last gen, and there isn’t a single Xbone exclusive that makes me regret getting a PS4

          • Daniel Sousa

            Destiny is a solid game, but it will not be top rated, will be away from the quality of a Halo 5.

            There is no comparison, halo 5 is another level

            Destiny is so genéric, simple, graphics old gen, PvP super fail and noob, only lvl 20?
            4planets only?

            Sunset overdrive, quantum break, Gears, scalebound, fable legends, Ori, Halo 5, Halo MC, Phantom Dust, Crackdown

            this games will not make you buy a xbox one?
            Then the ps4 is far worse.
            Xbox One has more exclusive games announced that the ps4, ps4 ​​is more indies only

          • SisterSafetyPin

            No. No to everything you said. Destiny is generic and the graphics are last gen? I guess you would say that if you played on and Xbox One or 360, but it doesn’t make it true. PvP is super fail and noob? That doesn’t even make sense. Sunset Overdrive looks like a poor man’s Infamous. Gears of many sequals, Fable Legends that’s not being helmed by Peter Molyneux, Halo 5 not created by Bungie, Halo MC old games being rereleased with better graphics; Quantum Break, Ori, Phantom Dust, Crackdown, I just literally do not care. Those aren’t impressive to me.

            The PS4 not only has more games on it’s system, but a wider variety of games: from indie, AA, to AAA. That gives it more value, as I wanted a game console. Not another home entertainment unit

          • Daniel Sousa

            Destiny is graphically like Halo 4 with a small update, it’s nothing special, and played in the ps4.

            Many games of the past generation, has better graphics aspect that destiny in ps4 and xbox One

            Destiny will never be top rated as Halo, and Beta spoke for itself, is a set of 7 or 8 no more than that.

            Halo is not made by bungie and? Bungie changed much after Halo 3, and the creators of Halo 1, Halo 2 and Halo 3 are almost all in the 343 to work.

            Soon this is not bungie no longer handle.

            Sunset seems much higher than Infamous.

            Quantum break does not tell you anything? is the same as saying that the order and uncharted not tell you anything too, because they are similar genres, and adult aspect.

            Xbox has better online games like Halo which is best exclusive online fps consoles, and gears of war is the best multiplayer tps.

            And Crackdown and sunse overdrive seem they’ll have a powerful CO-OP.

            the ps4 to play online, only multi platform games, because nothing special to exclusive online PvP or CO-OP

          • ?????

            Another butthurt PS fanboy who is jealous of Xbox One games since they don’t have any good ones.

          • SisterSafetyPin

            LMFAO! **coughs**wheezes** LMAO!

            I can’t even, dude, lol. That was funny. Jealous of the Xbone. If I wanted that piece of Roku knock off trash, I wouldn’t have switched from having an Xbox and a 360 to a PS4.

            But yeah, whatever you say. lol

          • ?????

            Xbox One won 111 awards for games last year. Only 42 for PS4.
            Only good games on PS4 is TLOUR. Everything else is meh.
            Stay butthurt.

          • SisterSafetyPin

            Again. If I wanted the Xbone, I would have bought it. I don’t know why that’s such a complicated thing for you to understand. Kind of baffling. Me thinks you’re the dense one in this equation.

          • ?????

            I have both. You just jumped in on my comment. How baffling.

          • SisterSafetyPin

            You are a massive idiot. Responding to you was amusing, because of that. The dumb shit you said was just, an amusing way to pass the time. But you literally don’t make sense. I jumped in on your comment? I responded to you. Honestly your idiocy and obsession is baffling. You continue to seek me out with incredibly inane comments, but they’re getting increasingly ridiculous. Your desperation is showing and my interest in this exchange is none existent.

            Like I said, on one of the other 8 comments you left me today… Move on. Time to find a new obsession

          • ?????

            Yet you still respond, so you still care. What dumb shit did I say? You continue to entertain me.
            Move on.

          • ?????

            LMFAO look whos still jealous.

          • Revolver Ocelot

            Considering 343i has yet to make a great game, I’d bet on Destiny giving Halo 5 a slap.

          • Daniel Sousa

            Keep dreaming, destiny will not be top rated game like Halo
            Halo is a 9085 no more
            destiny is a mediocre game with some good stuff , you see on metacritic, like watchdogs on september =)

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            ha ha ha ha man you are delusional! the last halo game by 343i has an 87 meta critic the last bungie halo has a 94 meta critic…..

            343i are mediocre, Bungie are not

          • Tony

            Well we all know now you make a game purchase based on metacritic. Awesome that you can read numbers bro. Since you’re a PS4 fanboy, can you go ahead and type the whole list of statistics on hardware specs, list of exclusive games, sales, and profits haha

          • ?????

            See what I mean? Comment #1.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            what? where do I say it’s going to be bad? I said 343i are mediocre developers compared to bungie. based on metacritic scores of their games this is a fact!

          • Revolver Ocelot

            Halo hasn’t been a 90-95 game since Halo 3. I reckon Destiny will end up in upper 80s, lower 90s if they sort out the MP.

          • ?????

            Another jealous and butthurt fanboy.

          • Destiny will be old news when Halo 5 rocks up. That is all.

          • SisterSafetyPin

            For a small subset of Xbone fans, which is already merely an extremely small subset of current gen gamers. That is all

          • Vikingstein

            Let’s also remember the last infamous was extremely bad, indie games are quite usually boring cash grabs, try and argue it but indie games are boring. There is no such thing as AA also btw.

            There’s no reason to buy any of the consoles at the moment, neither of them have any games to actually play, and if you bring up the last of us then your completely contradicting the point of your other post. Both consoles are years behind in terms of “next-gen” also.

            Besides what great exclusives are coming out for PS4? A couple of shit indie titles and some other games that aren’t really worth mentioning.

            As a PC gamer if I had to give up my plethora of excellent games for one of the consoles it’d be an Xbox because at least then I’m not buying overrated, narrative driven “games” the kind that Sony have an affinity of making.

          • SisterSafetyPin

            Infamous Second Son? No that wasn’t extremely bad. Indie games are boring cash grabs? You must only play mobile ftp “indie” games. And yes there is. It’s just short hand for mid-range games, that have mid range price tags when it comes to development. For example: Bound By Flame.

            “As a PC gamer” You’re full of shit. The plethora of games on the PC are Indie, MMO, and FTP cash grabs. Everything else is a console port.

          • Vikingstein

            Don’t play any mobile games. Sorry to ruin that for you. The only decent indie games in the past few years was Minecraft and Day z, besides that there all unimaginative and relatively dull with higher price tags than they deserve.

            Also I think Starcraft 2, Dota, LoL, Team Fortress 2, Arma, Day-Z, Chivalry, Counter Strike, Civ 5 and the upcoming Star Citizen wish to have a word with you about being console ports.

            Also I’m talking indie as in real indie, not massively crowdfunded, being made by a team of known people inside the games industry, “indie”.

          • ?????

            ISS sucked. Every indie ps4 has sucked.

          • $113353191

            PS4 has many great AAA games that gamers love. That’s why it’s 8.8+ million in sales and growing. Sony’s large number of well funded 1st parties will ensure PS4 has a ton of great AAA exclusives, as many or more than PS3.

            1st/2nd party studios include Japan Studio, Polyphony Digital, Naughty Dog, SCE Bend, SCE San Diego, SCE Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, Pixel Opus, Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Games, Guerrilla Cambridge, SCE London, Media Molecule, Ready at Dawn, Quantic Dream, etc.

            For some reason PS4 keeps selling like hotcakes despite attempts to downplay its library. All 3 consoles have good exclusive games, it’s only fanboys trying to trash one or the other and pretend it has “no gaems lolol”.

            PS4/Sony exclusives Jun-Dec: The Last of Us Remastered, Driveclub, LittleBigPlanet 3, Infamous: First Light, Samurai Warriors 4, Natural Doctrine, Guilty Gear Xrd, Singstar, Resogun DLC, and lots of indies.

            PS4 has 35+ AAA games from July to December 2014, or ~6 per month. Most of those are multiplatform but there’s no shortage of AAA games for PS4 owners.

            PS4/Sony exclusives 2015 (announced): Bloodborne, The Order, Ratchet & Clank Remastered, Uncharted 4, Let It Die, Deep Down, and lots of indies.

          • Steven Hiller

            Yet another derp account? How many of these do you have?

          • lol

            Infamous extremely bad? Did you play the game?

          • ?????

            I did. It sucked bad.

          • ?????

            1/3 of gamers is small? Think.

          • SisterSafetyPin

            1/3 vs 2/3. Also, I said a small subset of Xbone fans, which is a smaller subset of gamers in general. Think

          • ?????

            Look whos pissed LOL.

          • SisterSafetyPin

            Not really, more amused that you conceded

          • ?????

            I’m amused you keep replying to my comments. Endless hours of amusement for me.

          • ?????

            Halo is great. You never played it, so who are you to judge?

          • ?????

            All the exclusives on ps4 sucked besides the last of us.

            Get mental help, it’s not healthy to hate on pieces of plastic.
            You are lying, evil, mentally ill, feece flinging human fanboy waste.

        • 113mac113

          You should of seen how much people called the master chief collection the xbox’s savior. Shit was all over the place.

      • ?????

        Another butthurt fanboy. Phil is talking about getting NMS, you dope. It is a games sony desperately needs this fall, with no games coming for ps4. Xbox One is good, you’re just too ignorant to know that.

        Get mental help, it’s not healthy to hate on pieces of plastic.
        You are lying, evil, mentally ill, feece flinging human fanboy waste.

        • SisterSafetyPin

          lol. Learn how to spell, little one. Also watch your mouth. Don’t want your mommy getting upset when she looks at your internet history.

          • ?????

            Little one? Look who’s talking. Ironically those who call people “little ones” are young themselves. Don’t hide the fact that you’re just some 12 year old squeaker pretending to be mature.

    • Allen

      I wasn’t trying to troll xbox so sorry if you took it that way. I want it on PC so I can play all of them after 2 but honestly I think it would hurt xbox because Halo is “the” system seller. Probably worth 10-20 million units.

      But yeah I would love Halo on PC. Playing Destiny reminded me a lot of Halo. The sounds of the enemy, the music and feel all remind me of Halo. I hope there are even more vehicles than the beta had in Destiny.

    • True Radiant Free

      Your logic stinks. No Man’s Sky isn’t a first party retail title IP owned by Sony.

    • T

      Andddd that’s why you are not and never will be the CEO of Microsoft.

    • lukazo

      ” think EVERY MS Game Studios game should be released on PC, just makes sense!”

      couldn’t agree more! i mean ffs it is Microsoft! they should at the very least bring xboxone exclusives to PC a year after!

      • Guest

        Nope, worse logic ever by stupid elitist graphic whore PC gamers.

        • lukazo

          hahahahaha! how is that the worst logic ever?

          and PC elitist graphic whore?

          it seems you are just jealous your potatobox cant run games in 2014 in 1080p 60fps!

          • Guest

            LOL! Not only a PC elitist graphic whore but a complete ignorant… you might want to check that again but Xbox One has games running at 1080p, 60fps and both at the same time.

          • lukazo

            there is not one game on the next gen consoles that can keep a steady 60fps at 1080p without dropping!

            and how am i ignorant? the fact you also call me a “PC elitist graphic whore ” just because i prefer to get the most out of my gaming experience on a superior platform doesnt make me ignorant!

            it makes you ignorant.

            learn to use your insults correctly please.

          • lukazo

            no, no xbox doesnt, neither does ps4, you find me evidence that xboxone can run 1080p at 60fps without dipping?

          • Guest

            LOL! Butthurt and trying to change topic. You clearly know that there are games on both Xbox One and PS4 that run some of their games at 1080p, 60fps or both at the same time.

          • Guest

            LOL! I know how to use my insults very well stupid elitis PC Ghraphic Whore….


            Now keep being ignorant…

          • lukazo

            LMAO! you know they have bench marked a lot of these games claiming to be 1080p at 60fps yet they all drop frames haha!

            and call me a PC elitist all you want. i think you are just jealous i can play games at better quality than you.

          • Guest

            LMAO! You claimed that the Xbox One and PS4 couldn’t do 1080p 60fps but when I proved you wrong you tried to spin it to frame drops… LOL! Keep being butthurt and stupid that you can’t handle the fact that consoles are doing just as good or better than PC’s an I don’t only mean in resolution.

          • Vikingstein

            PC game market completely and utterly outsells all consoles, and while the graphics card, ram and motherboard are flat out underpowered and old on the Xbox One and PS4, it’s just going to create uglier games. Wanna know why they can occasionally run some games at 1080p and 60fps? By making the graphics with PC comparable medium to low options.

            You keeping playing on your outdated, underpowered Call of Duty Entertainment machine, I’ll stick to my 200+ games on Steam which look better, perform better and were a hell of a lot cheaper. Dream on peasant about ever being close to PC.

          • Guest

            LOL! You PC Elitis Graphic Whores always bragging about resolution and the so many games you have…and yet are crying for console exclusive games… Console exclusive games may not be 4K 120fps but they are 10 times better than any game on PC henc why you want them so bad.

          • Vikingstein

            Nah I used to play xbox when I was younger, but since I won’t touch either of the new consoles with a 5 foot pole, I’d like for one of my older nostalgic games to come back to PC in HD. Besides that you can keep the rest, majority of them are bad anyway.

            Consoles do nothing but hold back innovative gameplay and will die within the next 6 to 8 years when all real gamers i.e. not one playing xbox live on mommy’s credit card with a snapback and a can of Monster, will move over to the superior PC. Enjoy your overpriced dell laptop :)

          • lukazo

            HA! no running a game at 1080p 60fps doesnt mean it can drop below those frames, otherwise how can it run fine at 60fps?

            and how in the fuck is consoles doing as good or better?

            your consoles are already obsolete!

            where as PC is never obsolete as you can upgrade anytime you want.

            the fact you think consoles are better or doing better than PC shows just how silly you are.

          • Guest

            LOL! The silly ones are you PC Elitis Graphic Whores who are crying for console exclusives to come the Tard Race side because clearly you people don’t have games that are on par with the exclusive console games.

            Now go and fap to that 4k 120fps while I play real games, sine you know it’s the game and not the resolution alone that matter which is something you people don’t have.

          • lukazo

            hahahahaha! and what almighty exclusives do you console peasants have hahaha

            yeh i will go play at better resolution and frame rate on my great exclusives which you peasants dont have and dont come close too!


            kerbal space program,rust,dayz,dota2,league of ledgends,football manager, civ5, totalwar series, teamfortress 2, arma 2, arma 3, garrysmod, space engineers, unturned.

            and you know whats so great?

            besides better exclusives…….

            there all moddable!

            thats right, when you complete a game thats it, when we complete a game we can mod it!

            check out skyrim mods ONLY ON PC that put your peasant version to shame.

            plus heres a link to our exclusives compared to your potato boxes


          • Guest

            What all mighty exclusives we have? Well let’s just say they are way better than that list of PC games you gave me or any PC game… Nintendo(with all it’s exclusive since the 64, Sony(with all it’s exclusive since the PS1) and Microsoft(with all it’s exclusive since the Original Xbox)… Now keep crying me that river because you can’t get your hands on some of the best console exclusives.

          • lukazo

            theres only 1 or 2 exclusives worth having and thats gears of war, and destiny.

            xboxone and ps4 exclusives are terrible!

            TLOU is over hyped, bland story.

            halo has just run its self into the ground, bland gameplay. there hasnt been a decent halo since halo 3.

            so what exclusives are you talking about? because it seems there all rather shitty.

            i mean what have you got that competes with the likes of star citizen?

            project reality 2

            arma 3

            you have nothing.

    • Tony

      Honestly sick of children fanboy shit…their minds are so fucked up and narrow minded it’s like people talking about politics. If I want that shit, I’ll go on fox news or cnn. They throw their opinion expecting attention, but instead it’s like they’re carrying a sign saying “I’m stupid! Bash me.” You really can’t fix stupid with people…

      • lol

        The question is whether you’re any better? Insulting Allen’s mother just because he trashed microsoft. For me, that’s clear sign of fanboyism and stupidity.

        • Tony

          Am I any better? Well here goes…I never insulted this person. You entitled to your opinion, but I’ll make it simple to you. I’m talking about the fanboyism as whole. You throwing out there I have signs of fanboyism and stupidity clearly shows how you judge people. Personally, I don’t give a fuck what you think of me. I know who I am and definitely not a fanboy nor stupid. How bout you look at the mirror and ask yourself if you’re any better? Cause right now, you responding to me is not helping your cause unless you looking for attention or more likes. To hit me with a bottom line question like that to prove a point or superiority…pathetic and a hypocritical response…is that the answer you’re looking for!

          • lol

            Ok I get it now. You are liar and an hypocrite. And for me, you’re just a stupid fanboy. And to your question “How bout you look at the mirror and ask yourself if you’re any better?”
            Yes, I believe I am.

            And what more? I’ll prove/justify all of this right here…
            1) You are a liar.
            When you say “I never insulted this person”, as these are your words: “you delusional narrow minded hypocrite sheepshead son of a bitch fanboy!”, and “was the point I was trying to tell you moron!”. And also “let me add ‘little douche’ to your title…that works great for you”
            Note: This is not a matter of opinion. The word “you” was used in a direct response to Allen. You never mentioned you were refering to “fanboyism as whole”. Stop hiding behind that argument.

            2) You are an hypocrite.
            Well it’s simple, YOU can judge people and insult them and their mother even though you probably don’t know any of them.
            You’re reply to Hoppsy: “Since you’re a PS4 fanboy,”
            And the ealier quotes to Allen.
            Yet you take offence when someone else judge you based on your insulting comments.
            I could also add how you criticised “all the fanboy shit.”, when you yourself tend to react like a fanboy (to be showed later).

            3) for me you’re just a stupid fanboy
            Again it’s easy. I won’t go through your posting history(that would be too easy). I’ll just stick to the post where Allen was “bitching about Microsoft being this evil corporation”. He didn’t get personal, didn’t insult you or anyone else at the time. He only criticised a multinational corporation(Microsoft). A fanboy would obviously be offended by that and could react like this “you delusional narrow minded hypocrite sheepshead son of a bitch fanboy!”. And what do you know. That was your reply. And why do I call it stupid? It’s also simple. Why would you call that women a bitch? She clearly has nothing to do with Allen trashing Microsoft. For me that comment makes you look stupid.

            4) Yes, I believe I am (better).
            Why? Because I NEVER insulted someone’s mother or insulted a person if someone bitches about a multinational corporation.
            You did that in this very topic. Enough said…

            And finally, I’ll judge you once more based on YOUR posts. If you reply arrogantly, insults and act like a fanboy and an hypocrite, you’ll be seen that way. If you reply or post in a sensible and civilised manner than that’s the way you’ll be perceived. You taking offence to my first comment is strange considering the way you post. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out.

            If you’re posting like a trolling fanboy looking for attention than just assume it.
            If you want to be seen as a respectable gamer whose opinion matter, just post like one.

            Personally I think you’re just a troll looking for replies like this and that’s why you’ll probably not reply or just come up with a silly answer. ofc I could still be proved wrong but I don’t think that’ll happen. :)

    • lol

      You do know that the one who said “Wow there goes Microsoft ace in the hole”(Tag215) is a xbox fan and owns an xbox one and not the PS4.

    • ThatGuy

      Except everyone knew No Mans Sky is coming to PC, the moment it was announced.

  • shabzy

    at the panel one of the 343i employees said “just keep asking to put the collection to be on PC”

    I also think at Gamescom they might announce the PC version for it,remeber they said “they will be big suprises”? so this is the only superise I could think of.

    I also remebered phil pencer said “I want to focus on PC gaming and I want them to have the same features like Xbox one”.

    I hope this is real! I would keep my Xbox one for halo 5 and many people would do the same aswell,but I would love to play the collection on PC

  • SisterSafetyPin

    So much for Microsoft’s only reason to buy an Xbone.

    • True Radiant Free

      Lol I know

    • 111AlaN111

      There are more games to buy the X1 for.

    • Matthew

      What about Halo 5: Guardians?

    • Country Boy Lucifer

      The thing is because the x1 hasn’t sold well developers an M$ are being forced to release on PC as well to try and recoup the development costs of the games they make.

      Budgets will shrink for x1 games because they simply wont make any money back due to a small install base.

      This is the reality of bringing out a console that’s not selling as well as expected and having competition that’s selling far better than expected,

      you can bet that 3rd party studio’s like Insomniac won’t be making any exclusives for ms after sunset overdrive doesn’t sell well and they lose money, we already know titanfall is heading to ps4.

      • L337COD4 .

        Titanfall 2 is heading to PS4, and the loss of sales is usually made up for by a big fat check on the exclusive party; MS likely got the bad end of that deal, if anything.

        And most of Microsoft’s money comes from the 46 million Gold Members paying 60 bucks a year. Game sales are a big part of it, but MS definitely isn’t releasing on PC to recoup their losses. Also, we won’t see this on PC. Not happening.

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          Yeah but will ms be willing to pay vast sums for 3rd party developers to make exclusive games when the x1 is selling so bad?

          The devs will base how much they want on how much they lose by not releasing on other platforms. Ms has 2 problems in this respect, how badly x1 is doing and how good ps4 is doing.

          Devs don’t just want money they want franchises and recognition and the x1 can’t provide that alone.

          Game sales are being released on PC to pay the day vs wages, that’s a simple fact. They can’t make AAA games for nothing and ms won’t put up with there gaming division hemeraging money.

          The x1 has been a loss so far, there is only so much of a loss they’d be willing to swallow

          • JCheezy


      • Tony

        So a few million less is a small install base? That’s a new one! I didn’t know we have a Michael Pachter here. Both systems are selling well and way more consoles than last generation. I think both will be fine.

        • Guest

          A few million in not even a year and the gap is increasing.

          The Xbox one is not selling that well at the moment. The only reason it is ahead of the 360 is because of the good number at launch. That was the time when the xbox fanbase bought their console.

          The 360 was selling a lot better in Jan-Jul 2006 than the Xbox One in Jan-Jul 2014.

          • Tony

            I really don’t get people. When do sales become the high point in gamers lives? Why do you care about sales of a console when you’re not making any profit from them? It’s become an egoistic thing to say I’m better than you and I think that’s bullshit and ignorant. My console is beating your console cause the sales are higher LMAO like really? It makes all of you fanboys look like idiots. Game console is a game console. One console selling higher than another does not mean it’s better to some people. You can argue popular opinion but they have been some amazing consoles that didn’t get high sales and were still good.

          • Guest

            Are you drunk or something? All I’m doing is replying to YOUR comment. I corrected what you said and I guess that’s what upset you.

            Now if you want I’ll give you my opinion as to why good sales can be a good thing. 1) A console that sells well is likely to have more content & features which is a always a nice thing. 2) A console that sells well is likely have a longer lifespan. 3) Also what Hoppsy said.

            For me, sales are important and that is why I want the wii U to sell more. Depending on the definition of “doing fine”, I think it is still too early to say all 3 consoles will do fine or not. We’ll just need to wait and see…

          • Tony

            Please don’t ask me I’m drunk or say I’m upset. You don’t know me for one. Two you’re beating around the brush. You know what I’m talking about and I’m asking why? Of course sales are good, but you didn’t answer my question…

          • Guest

            I asked you whether you were drunk based on your reply which was for me disproportionate and uncalled for, especially when I wasn’t the one who talked about sales in the first place. I don’t know you but it was clear that seeing the way you replied me you were not happy about something. Ok, I corrected something you said but I just felt your reply had little to do with my correction.

            Beat around the bush? I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t you just come out and say what you want.

            I thought it was clear but if you want I’ll answer all your questions one by one.

            “When do sales become the high point in gamers lives?”
            I don’t think it does. But as a gamer I would love to have more content to choose from and that the consoles that I buy have a long lifespan. It certainly won’t be the high point of my life but it’s nice.

            “Why do you care about sales of a console when you’re not making any profit from them?”
            I have answered that in the previous post. Personally I don’t care about them making a profit. I would rather want them to take a loss if it means selling more consoles.

            “My console is beating your console cause the sales are higher LMAO like really?”
            huh? Is that what you got from my first comment??

            There. That were the questions. Satisfied?

      • JCheezy


        • Country Boy Lucifer

          Hey man, its all true.

          Now hit me with one of your unfunny, overly thought out retorts that only serve to make you look like a pretentious dick

          • Bigjoe275

            JCheezy is laughing because you don’t know how well sunset overdrive will sell like any other ps4 games sells *cough* killzone *cough* infamous SS

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Sigh. . .

            Killzone and infamous sold very well in fact better than all Xbox one games, except maybe titanfall although I’m not sure if they did outsell titanfall on x1 alone.

            The reason sunset overdrive won’t sell well is because there’s isn’t many x1s out there in the hands of consumers

          • Bigjoe275

            What’s very well killzone sold 2 million+ infamous 1 million+. Hmmmmmm 8 million ps4’s sorry but that’s not very well that’s a disappointment for these games to sell that much. Just like Microsoft there in the same boat as well. Killzone was a first AAA title and it didn’t sell very well. Same with Forza. So don’t assume sunset overdrive will sell bad based off what you think. You don’t speak for me or other gamers. When the game comes out then we can say for sure why this game didn’t sell and that’s not because of xbox one’s

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            What? The point is its impossible for it to sell well! There just isn’t that many x1s in consumer hands!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            On and by the way killzone had sold over 2 million in January, its way way higher than that now, same goes for the figures you have for infamous, they ain’t accurate or even close to the real figures

          • ?????

            Jealous you don’t have a good exclusive? Oh well.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Lol we have great exclusives and even better exclusives on there way

          • ?????

            Like LittleBigPlanet and Drivedud? Not as good as xbox exclusives.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Yup, and uncharterd and bloodbourne and the order I could go on. . .

          • ?????

            Uncharted 4: May be bad (MAYBE) because they fired the writer and 2 other big people.
            Order: Looks mostly like a movie.
            Bloodborne: No bad things left about this one (yet).
            It really just ends there. Have fun with indies.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            You do know the writers of the last of us are handling unchartered 4? Lol

            The order looks stunning but can’t judge it yet.

            Bloodbourne is being made by the original demons/dark souls team so it will be amazing.

            These are a small portion of the exclusives that are announced, we also know of many more unannounced


          • ?????

            Without Original writer, Uncharted won’t be the same.
            Looks stunning, but, thats about it.
            Bloodborne looks great, but just remember they can fuck it up, and that goes for every game.
            These were pretty much the only exclusives announced, and the only good ones for that matter. More crappy indies around and more to come!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            So the last of us writers aren’t capable of making unchartered 4 great? Ha ha ha

            Deep down, shadow of the beast, natural doctrine, persona 5, let it die, little big planet, drive club, GT, and then on top of all that we have Indies like no mans sky, everyone’s gone to rapture, hellblade, wild

            Sorry Lol

          • ?????

            Since they are working on an entirely new genre to them, yes.
            So mediocre exclusives are great? No Man’s Sky will come to Xbox eventually. And lets not forget those shitty indies.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            OK so the last of us team isnt capable of making a good game . . . . Lol

            How can you say a game is mediocre before release?

            No mans sky is an indie, thought they were shitty?

          • ?????

            They aren’t capable of making an uncharted game. Read the comment.
            How can you say Sunset Overdrive, Scalebound, Fable Legends, etc. are bad before release? I’ve seen your comments.
            No Man’s Sky is coming to Xbox and PC soon.
            Sorry, you lost yet again.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            You haven’t seen any of my comments then because I have never ever said any of those games are bad, click my name and look at all of my comments. I’m not stupid enough to say something is bad before release.

            You’ll probably be more likely to find me saying they’ll be good, I like insomniac they make decent games so I think sunset will be decent.

            No mans sky is coming to PC, Xbox hasn’t been mentioned yet. But who cares, its a shitty indie right?

            You lost on the grounds of being an idiot and jumping to conclusions. . .

            Oh by the way, I’m an Xbox fan, I just think ps4 is better

          • ?????

            Really? All I see is “They suck” and “its all Microsoft garbage” and etc. Who are you trying to fool?
            All you do is make fun of xbox.
            You lost all grounds. I know if you reply, your mad.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            I hate Microsoft and I hate xbots, there is nothing wrong with the machine itself it’s slightly less powerful and not as good as ps4 but still a great console.

            Same goes for the games, the worst comment you could find is me saying the new halos and gears won’t be as good as the originals, the people who are developing them have already proved that the games they make in the series are not of the same quality! Still decent games just not as good as bungie or epic!

            Wrong again little xbot

          • ?????

            Another lie, you do know EVERYONE can see your comments right?
            Delusional fanboy.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Yup I’m aware and its not s lie, you will never find me saying the console is bad or the games are bad unless I’ve played them!

            I do the occosianal troll comment specifically aimed at people but I’m telling you I’m an Xbox fan! I loved the bungie halos, liked gears and played the witcher on Xbox, want my live I’d?

            Sorry little xbot you’re wrong again!

            What would I gain out of lying to support YOUR argument you idiot

          • ?????

            I’ve caught you making fun of xbox AND it’s gamers. You say you’re an xbox fan, yet I hear your desperation of trying to change the subject. I don’t get anything out of arguing with a troll, I just want to see what stupid shit they say.
            Get mental help, it’s not healthy to hate on pieces of plastic.
            You are lying, evil, mentally ill, feece flinging human fanboy waste.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            You haven’t caught me doing anything, I don’t try to hide anything.

            I hate Microsoft, awful company that treats consumers like shit, I hate the Xbox gamers like you that are delusional about it’s capabilities.

            Its my opinion the ps4 is better but the xbox is a very capable console and it will have some games worth playing, I’ve just not seen anything that floats my boat for the price of the thing as of yet.

            Look at my comments you will never see me saying a good Xbox game is bad and you will never see me saying the Xbox one is a bad console. That is a fact.


          • JCheezy

            Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Attack of the Fanboy.
            Awwww your so sweet. I’ll try to live up to your huge hopes of my unfunny comments that I know deep down you like.

            1st- Let’s talk in terms everyone can relate to, HOOKERS.

            We roll up on a corner filled with hookers and like a good pal I let you pick first, your welcome.

            You check out the merchandise and there’s one that really sticks out to you. She’s got the better body, bigger titties, fake ones though, cheaper and all your friends tell you to pick her. You get her home, unwrap her and start playing. Quickly you realize she’s just laying there and has little to nothing to offer. Even though it was the cheapest on the block, you realized you still overpaid. Now your thinking in the back of your mind “did I make the right decision”?
            No you did not my friend, no you did not!!!

            Me on the other hand, being older, wiser and most likely a lot better looking, pure speculation. I pick the one with the so so body, B cups but they are real, and she’s wearing glasses so obviously she’s a lot smarter then your choice. I get her home and unwrap her and the first thing she ask is “what do you want”? In shock because most “hookers” don’t care what you want because all they want is your money. So I just lay back and said “I trust anything you do because you’ve always made the best decisions when it comes to your costumers”. Needless to say it’s the best choice I’ve ever made.

            She had a dong and it was really Phil Spencer but you get it.

            XBOX WINS!!!!!!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Ha ha OK, that was actually pretty decent

          • JCheezy

            Awwwww thanks Hoppsy.

          • lol

            hahah!! Even though I more of a PS4 guy, I loved your post.

    • ?????

      Another butthurt fanboy.

    I’m a massive halo fan and I was thinking about buying a xbone just for halo but if they are coming to pc I would wet myself

  • DRE

    If true there will be no reason for me to buy a X1 this holiday. Santa, Jesus, GOD, Allah, Buddha, Odin, I pray to thee

  • L337COD4 .

    Are you kidding me? Ok, look, I’m pretty neutral on this whole console war thing, but the Xbone is struggling to move 60k units a month, and MS needs an ace in the hole, since they still haven’t fully recovered from their original press conference apparently. They finally have something that practically stole the show at E3, they have a killer app that people might actually buy an Xbone just to play.

    I mean this with the utmost of respect: what in the hell makes you think Microsoft would actually give this up to any other platform without fighting to their last dying breath, without some kind of HUGE incentive (like making it Windows 8 only- no wait, people would just hack it to work on 7 like they did with Halo 2)? It just ‘aint gonna happen. No way, no how, Howie. MS’s primary goal moving forward if they want to keep the Xbox brand competitive is to just get Xbones in peoples’ hands, and this is their best bet at that. I’ll believe it when I see MS announce it themselves, and even then I might not actually believe it.

  • Joshua Jones

    As much as I wish this was true, theres no way it is. Microsoft wont release the MCC on PC because the MCC is going to sell consoles in a big way. You can google the numbers, almost a third of Xbox owners bought an Xbox after MCC’s announcement at E3.

    • KidSareezWorldstarLCounter

      It will release on PC, they even released a mouse for Halo players on PC. (2014)

  • aintwhatitlookslike

    Omg so halo isn’t even a real exclusive? Lmao

    • KidSareezWorldstarLCounter

      Halo 5 is going to be an exclusive. And No Man’s Sky is coming on PC.

      • Bigjoe275

        And soon I said SOON xbox one

  • Steven Hiller

    They do this because it sells more games, which is the point. Sony is considering this using their streaming surface. If you cam stream a ps4 game to your Sony tv, does it make a diffrrence? Anyway I’m in favor of any game, any platform, hopefully we’ll have that someday.

  • Jeremiah

    Needless to say if it doesn’t come to pc I will never play it, same for all console “exclusives”.

    • Bigjoe275

      Unchared, Halo, The order 1886, praying God of War 4, Gears of War. Dude your going to want to play these.

  • Gene

    I *WILL* never buy an Xbone if that is true.

  • Gene

    Someone deleted my comment for saying “I *will* never buy an XB1 if this is true”?


  • Cenarl

    I’m guessing DX12, Win9 exclusive
    that lets them release it later on PC after xbox one sales and gives incentive for people to buy win 9, much like they treated their other Halo games as “windows upgrade sellers”

  • halo57698

    Make the game for xbox 360 as well cause I dont play pc and the xbox one sucks….

  • Simon Poling

    Hey, gamers hoping for a Master Chief Collection on PC, take a look at this petition. The petition itself won’t make it happen, but it’s a good way for Microsoft to gauge the interest in a PC port.

    Please share this with friends and others to boost the chances of getting this amazing series on PC!

  • Simon Poling

    Hey, gamers hoping for a Master Chief Collection on PC, take a look at this petition. The petition itself won’t make it happen, but it’s a good way for Microsoft to gauge the interest in a PC port.

    Please share this with friends and others to boost the chances of getting this amazing series on PC!!

  • Jack

    I would love to buy the collection for PC as I will not be buying an Xbox One, and I can’t be bothered to turn on my 360 :)

    It is kinda BS that they didn’t do an HD Remake of Halo 2 for the 360.

  • please microsoft masterchıef collection pc come now !

  • Bjers

    If they don’t release this game for pc I might be confused, it’s a big event for halo fans and it may not be released for the origin it came from; hence the pc. I am
    Both a pc gamer and console but they should give it a pc edition. All around though, I don’t agree with where 343 is taking the halo universe, but they know what their doing. By this I mean they have the idea right and are doing good with the dialogue just they need to get the gameplay straight.

  • mizzoufan96

    I miss Halo so much </3 I can't go back to Xbox though.

  • saâd

    the best game i’v ever played ….500 hours of gameplay !

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