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Halo: The Master Chief Collection will get a 2018 patch; adds One X support and fixes bugs

| October 18, 2017

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will get a 2018 patch; adds One X support and fixes bugs News  Xbox One X Halo

Microsoft’s 2014 ultimate collection of the main-series Halo games was a great, if severely broken, anthology of some of gaming’s best shooters. With four full Halo games running in full 1080p 60fps, although Halo 2: Anniversary suffered from numerous performance issues, The Master Chief Collection would have been the perfect collection–were it not for numerous matchmaking issues.

The new patch also aims to utilize unspecified “Xbox platform advantages”… probably just Mixer support

While numerous patches were released near launch, none of them have completely fixed the matchmaking problems that have been plaguing the game during online multiplayer–causing many players to turn instead to the backward compatible versions of Halo 3 and Reach.

As if God himself came down and slapped 343 in the face, the company will finally be fixing the problems they created in 2014 with a new patch coming in 2018. This patch aims to improve many of the game’s outstanding issues (probably predominantly matchmaking), some bug fixes and a full Xbox One X patch. This all launches in Spring 2018.

Announced during a recent community livestream event on Twitch, the new patch also aims to utilize unspecified “Xbox platform advantages” that have come since the launch of the collection. Sounds exciting, right? Eh, it’s probably just support for their livestreaming service Mixer. The updates will initially come through a “public fighting program” which fans will have to opt into like a public beta.

When we reviewed Halo: The Master Chief Collection back in 2014 our reviewer Kyle Hanson had this to say: “With four complete single player campaigns, over 100 multiplayer maps, and a ton of other extras, Halo: The Master Chief Collection stands as the greatest compilation and remake in gaming history. Anyone with even a passing interest in the series will find a lot to love in this package.”

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  • crizz1066

    So 343 have know about the xbox and its full spcs list for months, yets its still going to take till 2018 to get out the “imporoved” games in Halo series.

    So how easy again is it going to be to do a “spec up” version of the each game for the small amount of users who’ll have one. Vast majority being in US of A

    I say small amount as they’re only relseing 100 or so here in UK.

    Oh well think it’s about time for M$ to do what they want to do and turn Xbox into a gaming OS on PC.

    • Chuck

      You do realize that they don’t only work on one game right? Go grab your Dual $hock controller…

      • crizz1066

        Doesn’t explain the difference in quality of halo games

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