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Heroes of the Storm’s New Hero is Diablo’s Deckard Caine

by Kyle Hanson


The latest hero coming to Heroes of the Storm is Diablo’s Deckard Caine. This news was just announced at PAX East 2018 during Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm panel. The team teased fans for a while, introducing each member of the panel before finally diving right into what everyone was waiting for. With a simple statement the crowd began to buzz with excitement as it became clear that the fan-favorite, but quite unconventional character would be coming to the popular MOBA.

Deckard Caine was introduced through the Diablo series and is sort of a loremaster who delivers information to players through books scattered around the world. He’ll be joining the fight though by making the jump to Heroes of the Storm. Don’t expect him to be a tanky brawler though. Instead he’s more of a support character.

Healing allies, buffing their abilities, or harming enemies by slowing them down, just as an example. Each ability is focused around this unique character, including a very special power that puts enemies to sleep. Perhaps longtime Blizzard fans will know what that’s referencing. With each new ability and attack the crowd at the PAX East 2018 panel erupted in laughter, as Blizzard had once again nailed the characterization of their universe.

Keep checking back for more on Heroes of the Storm and all things PAX East 2018.

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