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Heroes Of The Storm Closed Beta Date Announced

by William Schwartz


Fans have been playing the Heroes Of The Storm alpha for some time now. The Multiplayer Online Battle Arean (MOBA) title which hopes to take some steam away from the widely popular League Of Legends is set to go into a closed beta phase early next year.

The closed beta phase of Heroes Of The Storm will begin on January 13th. The MOBA combines many of Blizzard’s franchises into one game and is hoping to capitalize on the free-to-play mindset of MOBA titles as well as their large fanbase. Blizzard also announced the inclusion of heroes from The Lost Vikings, a 1992 game originally released on the SNES. Also, Warcraft’s Thrall and Jana will be joining the fray. New battlegrounds announced were Sky Temple and the Tomb of The Spider Queen.

If you aren’t already in the alpha it doesn’t hurt to sign up on the official Battle.Net site by editing your account settings. There will likely be a wide array of ways to garner a closed beta code for Heroes Of The Storm once it kicks off in January.

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