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Hi-Rez Studios Teases New Content For Smite, Celtic Event Datamined

by Joel Santana


As the year 2016 draws to a close, Hi-Rez Studio is still hard at work creating new content for their popular free-to-play MOBA, Smite. Which from the looks of things Hi-Rez is very eager to talk about what’s to come in the near future for Smite and are slowly letting the cat out of the bag on what their playerbase can expect in the coming year.

According to the executive producer for Hi-Rez Studios, Chris Larson, or better known as HirezChris to the Smite/Paladins community has tweeted a rather interesting teaser. Where Terra, one of the gods who was added earlier this year is adorning a rather fancy new skin that’s closely resembling Celtic designs.

You can check out the upcoming skin in the card art provided below:


If Hi-Rez is following the footsteps of their successful 2016, which saw them start off the year with adding gods from the Japanese pantheon such as Amaterasu. Including an in-game event celebrating the new pantheon which saw gods such as Ymir receive Japanese inspired skins. You can expect the same to happen this year.

If so, the folks over at SmiteDatamining have uncovered information on what you can expect to see when the Celtic event launches sometime in January:

Celtic Event Content

  • Frame
  • Music Theme
  • Pedestal
  • Ares skin
  • Artemis skin
  • Ra skin
  • Raijin skin
  • Skadi skin
  • Terra skin
  • Thor skin

However, it’s highly possible that some of the gods mentioned above may not receive a skin when the event launches and instead will receive a skin when a future patch is released. It should also be noted that unlike the Japanese event, where you can complete it by just purchasing the items that where available during it course.

It appears that the upcoming Celtic event will also feature quests that will net you some kind of reward for completing them. Though, there’s no info on whether or not if it’ll be like this year’s Odyssey event where you able to earn exclusive bonus skins if you completed enough quests, or if it’s more like the Viking Invasion event where completing quests granted you chests instead.

Regardless of what Hi-Rez has in store, the week of Hi-Rez Expo is going to be rather big. As not only is new content for Smite being officially revealed, it’s also the home of where the Smite World Championships takes place. Which includes  some fan-favorite teams such as  “NRG” formally known as Pantera and “EaGer” competing against the top Smite team across the globe playing for a $ 1 million prize pool.

Hi-Rez Expo kicks off January 5th with the event concluding January 8th.

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