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Hideo Kojima Is At It Again With Another Death Stranding Tease

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Another day, another cryptic teaser from Hideo Kojima about Death Stranding. This one is rather short though, only coming in at 30 seconds with a transparent hand in the center that shows random images with specific intervals. Halfway through the video, the words “Create The Rope” appear, which can literally have any type of meaning at this point.

Death Stranding has become one of the most enigmatic and talked about video game development stories in video game history. Ever since Kojima and Konami publicly split up back in 2015, the former has been working tirelessly on his pet project, and while we’ve seen trailer after trailer these past few years, no mention of any concrete game play or a release date have ever come to light. With this new tease, either Kojima is finally ready to unveil some new information, or we’re being baited by the master manipulator once again.

E3 2019 is just around the corner, and despite the absence of Sony at this years event, Kojima could still set up a surprise for everyone. To put things in perspective, Death Stranding was originally revealed during Sony’s E3 2016 press conference. Ever since then, Kojima has been slowly but surely removing the wool from our eyes from new voice actors to longer and meatier trailers. Unlike Cyberpunk 2077, the anticipation and hype has waned on and off again due to the length of the development.

Regardless, Kojima just seems to find a way to bring back the fans. Maybe its due to him being the creator of the beloved Metal Gear Solid franchise, or it could be that his strive for perfection in his work makes his projects attractive to anyone with imagination or ingenuity. Either way, this new tease just goes to show that one thing is for certain, Kojima has in the palm of his hands. Hopefully, our long wait pays off with a release date at E3 2019.

Death Stranding will launch for the PlayStation 4, and probably PlayStation 5, eventually.

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