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Hitman’s First Elusive Target Arrives Tomorrow, You Only Get One Shot At It

by Mike Guarino


The first Elusive Target for the new Hitman game goes live tomorrow, Friday the 13th, and it will definitely be offering a challenge. This target will only appear once during a span of 48 hours, and if you fail you will not get another shot at completing it.

Here’s a quick rundown for this elusive target and all other elusive targets going forward:

  • each elusive target will appear just once
  • each one appears for a limited amount of time
  • limited target intel
  • they will not appear in instinct mode or on the mini map
  • if you die during the mission, it’s all over
  • if time runs out during the mission, it’s all over

It’s also worth noting that Square Enix is letting everyone know about this Elusive Target as a courtesy that this new feature is kicking off, though they may not be dishing out the details on the following ones. Players are encouraged to do their own digging online to try and figure out when the others ones may be appearing.

Hitman is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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