Attack of the Fanboy

Homefront could be the next Call of Duty

by William Schwartz


THQ is sticking by their guns with the Homefront series, says Brian Farrell of the publisher. After selling 2.6 million copies of the future fiction shooter, the publisher believes that the franchise will only continue to flourish, and that this is just the beginning of what could ultimately be a very popular franchise.

Farrell told Industry Gamers that there is a market opportunity with a game like Homefront, and when confronted with the questions and comparisons between his game and the competition, he took a look back at the Call of Duty franchise and noted that “the first Call of Duty didn’t do 18 million units”.

Homefront was not received well by critics when it released in March. Although the game was sandwiched in between other first person shooters, that scored better in the critics eyes, it performed better at retail than those higher rated titles. THQ said that great marketing helped the sales along nicely.

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