Horizon Zero Dawn PC Port Gets August Release Date

Just when you thought Aloy's adventure couldn't look any better.

by Brandon Adams
Horizon Zero Dawn PC Port Gets August Release Date

Sony hasn’t been as keen as Microsoft to port over their exclusives to PC, but with Death Standing and Horizon Zero Dawn about to drop on the platform that may be about to change. While we’ve known about the port for some time now, Guerrilla Games have finally provided a release date for their popular open-world title.

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Horizon Zero Dawn launches August 7th on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In little over a month PC players (or existing fans eager to play the game at higher settings) can grab their copy of Horizon Zero Dawn for PC, which will include the Frozen Wilds expansion, for $50. While you can certainly find the game cheaper elsewhere on the PlayStation 4, the PC port will come with a host of new features. Shown off in the aptly titled ‘PC Features’ video shared by Guerrilla today, PC players can expect unlocked framerates, more dynamic foliage, ultra-wide monitor support, greater field-of-view, and more (like secondary inputs for key-mapping, which I’d love to see more PC ports embrace).

Guerrilla’s Decima Engine has proven itself a powerful asset twice now in both Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding, and if Kyle’s impressions on the latter’s port are any indication the engine is a perfect fit for PC. From the trailer alone it’s evident Guerrilla poured plenty of time and effort into the Horizon Zero Dawn port, and we’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor here soon. Check out the full ‘PC Features’ trailer below for yourself, and set your calendar for August 7th.

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