Humble Bundle Has Made a Controversial Change to Bundles

These changes have caused uproar in the community.

by Shawn Robinson
Humble Choice

Humble Bundle, to many, has cemented itself as gaming’s best way to support charity while celebrating your ever-growing backlog. With very fair splits towards a designated monthly charity, it’s hard to deny just how good of a value it really is. This is all on top of a fairly cheap price for their monthly bundles, making it all around a great deal. While that does continue to partially be the case, Humble is in the process of changing its bundles in a way that the community isn’t very happy with, to say the least.

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Today, the team has announced the removal of sliders on various bundles. If you weren’t aware, Humble would let you decide how much goes to charity, and how much goes directly to Humble through this slider. With the upcoming change, you get the choice between 5% or 15% to charity, with no options otherwise. This has, needless to say, sent a lot of the community buying these bundles into a bit of an uproar. Much of the subreddit is quite upset about this change, with its main post being hit with many negative comments and very little support (if any).


To be completely honest, it’s hard to argue for Humble’s side. Even if financials are becoming a bit of a concern, removing functionality from Humble Bundles will do nothing more than just upset the few customers you have left. It’s better to look into exactly what is causing people to unsubscribe, that way you can target and correct it so that more are willing to subscribe or stay subscribed.

This isn’t even discussing the way they chose to test this feature. If you haven’t heard, Humble actually began doing this a little while ago under the pretense that it was an issue being sent to the appropriate team members. This type of deception only insinuates there’s more selfish reasoning behind this, and it’s clearly not working in Humble’s favor.

If you want to read the full blog post for yourself, you can do so here. Regardless of my thoughts on it though, I’d like to hear yours. Do you think this Humble Bundle change should be reverted immediately? Are you still on the fence? Do you believe this was the right call? Let me know in the comments below.

- This article was updated on July 29th, 2021