Hyrule Warriors Art Book Shows Off Female Link, Is She In The Game?

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Hyrule Warriors officially launches today in Japan, but those of us in the US will have to wait a little longer, as it won’t hit North American until September 26. In the meantime, tons of news is rushing out due to this release overseas and this piece of information is definitely very intriguing.


Within a special art book for Hyrule Warriors that is full of various artwork from the game, there were also a number of original characters we had never seen before. One such character is basically a female version of Link, known as Linkle. First speculation was that this was the daughter of Link, but according to the translations, she was meant to be a “little-sister like figure,” though likely not an actual little sister.

Sadly, the image appears under a section known as “previously unseen rejected characters,” so it is likely that Linkle is not in the game. However, we could always see something like this as DLC eventually if there is enough demand.

After all of the discussion of the Link in the E3 trailer for the upcoming The Legend of Zelda Wii U being female at first, it wouldn’t surprise me to see one in a game like this as a testing ground, but it doesn’t appear the base game has her included at least.

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