Id Software is Working on a “Long-Running Iconic Action FPS Project”

DOOM and Quake fans are going to be excited about this

by Carlos Hurtado

Id Software is looking to expand its team to work in a new long-running iconic action FPS project. The workforce behind impressive titles like DOOM, Rage, and Quake are looking to fill many technical and Artist positions for their new unannounced project.

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Id Software is the gaming studio responsible for world-acclaimed titles like DOOM, Quake, and Wolfenstein. The studio managed to give the DOOM franchise a new spin and give young players a taste of what the gaming franchise is all about. DOOM and DOOM Eternal are some of the most challenging and fun titles of recent years, and all thanks to Id Software. The fast-paced action, gore, amazing soundtrack, and impressive graphics made what some deemed impossible, reviving a franchise like DOOM.

Yesterday, a report from VGC revealed an interesting discovery involving a long-running iconic action FPS project. Id Software is looking to bring more people to its studio to work on an unannounced project. There are several positions available, from Senior Graphics Programmers and Senior Environment Artists to Engine Programmers. All this hints at a new project from the game studio, no official announcement has been yet so far, but the fact they are gathering more people for this new project means something bigger is coming.


On Id Software‘s official website, a small text box confirms what the video games chronicle website shared. The text box states the following, ” id Software is hiring across all departments for our unannounced project. We are looking for talented, self-motivated teammates with the skills and passion to drive innovation.”. Players should not expect an announcement anytime soon, given the fact they are still looking to fill many positions, but at least they know something will be in the works somewhat soon.

Id Software’s latest titles were amazing, to say the least; so the expectations for this upcoming title are everything but low. With the studio’s record, players can be certain that whatever is coming will be great. DOOM Eternal managed to increase the chaos, fast-paced, combat and it even featured two DLC’s expanding on the game’s lore and giving players a chance to play again as the Slayer and keep destroying everything in his path. Besides those DLC’s, DOOM Eternal also got a new Horde mode, giving players a reason to go back and grind to break their previous records.

All in all, this is some good news for fans of the franchise and the studio’s work. Players can expect some top-tier quality content in whatever they will work on.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2021