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Immortal: Gates of Pyre Reaches Kickstarter Goal in Just a Few Hours

The future looks bright for this upcoming RTS.

by Shawn Robinson


While it no doubt has birthed a substantial amount of failed projects and products in development hell, Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites of the like have provided a handful of successful and enjoyable projects. From inXile Entertainment’s long-awaited Wasteland 2 sequel to point-and-click adventure Broken Age, all the way to the well-renowned Darkest Dungeon, many games wouldn’t be in our hands today if it weren’t for crowdfunding. The latest developer to put forth their title is SunSpear Games’ Immortal: Gates of Pyre, which has quickly funded its Kickstarter goal and surpassed it heavily after just a single day of funding!

Taking a look at the Kickstarter project at the time of writing, Immortal: Gates of Pyre has already reached $41,655 in funding, roughly $10,000 over its funding goal. This is no doubt a huge milestone for the team, not even including the road it took to get here. For those unaware, SunSpear Games is comprised of many ex-RTS modders, who have been working tirelessly to make a modern RTS that can appeal to both competitive and casual players. As a result, Immortal: Gates of Pyre was born.

With the project now funded, the game will now be fully realized over the next year, including extensive feedback from backers and playtesters. Now, SunSpear Games is looking towards its stretch goals to provide even more for players. The first of those stretch goals has already been reached, meaning fan-favorite animator Carbot will provide custom sprays for you to BM your teammates with in-game. The $50,000 and $60,000 stretch goals will provide a full training video series and additional content respectively if reached.

If you’d like to pledge towards the project yourself and help it reach its stretch goal, you can do so on the official Immortal: Gates of Pyre Kickstarter. There’s plenty of perks to take advantage of! I myself will be pledging towards the project, as this easily looks like one of the most interesting RTS titles since the massive StarCraft II. As much as we’re very early on, this could be huge for the genre given its free-to-play nature and level of quality. Will you be pledging towards the project? Are you excited for another RTS game to enter the ring? Let us know in the comments below.

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