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Indie Adventure Game Eastshade Releases Today

Eastshade is an Open World Adventure Game About Art and Storytelling

by Jordan Kamm


EastShade is an Open World adventure game, but instead of playing as a heroic adventurer you are a simple traveling artist. Instead of doing battle and going on quests you paint the fantastical landscapes of Eastshade island. This world is brimming with secrets and hidden locations for you to find. In order to uncover these secrets you need to speak with the locals. Sharing your painting with them will get them to share stories about the island with you. The more stories you hear the more information you can piece together, and the more secrets you can discover. It’s a game about the interconnection of art and storytelling. Your art inspires stories, and the stories then inspire art. While you create, discover and change the world around you. The dwellers of the island change as well. These fully voiced dialogues will adapt and evolve depending on what you do, or even who you talk to.

Eastshade was the official selection of the 2018 PAX West indie Showcase. It’s been a highly anticipated game in the works for the last five years, since Danny Wienbaum founded Eastshade Studios. For that time he and a small handful of collaborators have been working tirelessly to bring you the fully imagined world of Eastshade.

To celebrate the launch of the game, Eastshade is 15% off the first week.  You can currently find Eastshade on Steam. 

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