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Infinity Ward Readies Call Of Duty Fans For “Incredible” 2016

| January 4, 2016

Infinity Ward Readies Call Of Duty Fans For "Incredible" 2016 News  Infinity Ward Call of Duty

It will come to the surprise of absolutely nobody that a new Call of Duty will be releasing later this year, as the series shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Considering Sledgehammer Games developed 2014’s Advanced Warfare and Treyarch developed 2015’s Black Ops III, that means Infinity Ward will be developing whatever Call of Duty 2016 is called.

Even though Infinity Ward’s last developed Call of Duty game was the underwhelming Ghosts, the developer is nonetheless getting fans ready for what they are calling an incredible 2016. They posted a happy new year message on twitter with an attached image taking place in space, perhaps teasing what is to come in the next installment.

Despite the fact that Ghosts was not the best game in the Call of Duty series, Infinity Ward is nevertheless the developer that was responsible for making the series the phenomenon it remains to this day with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Seeing as Ghosts was developed during the awkward transition period between last and current-gen consoles and had a shorter development cycle, there’s a good chance that Infinity Ward can turn things around with Call of Duty 2016.

While any kind of concrete information regarding Call of Duty 2016 has not yet been revealed, the series’ release pattern would suggest that the game will be launching in November of this year.

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  • Panacea666

    I’ll still buy it. I just enjoy the series even if it sucks at times

  • Unless its MW4, then the answer is….NO!

    • BUD

      Same here man I’m so sick and tired of the futuristic crap!!!!!!!

  • Bryan

    Bring back modern warfare ! #bootsontheground

  • N-Shifter

    Modern Warfare collection remastered and I’m interested, anything else like the more recent CoD’s and……..nope.

  • charlie

    I’d say make world at war 2.

    • Xanivert

      IW didn’t develop the first one

  • cody

    if you look its the O.D.I.N satellite in the background

  • SteveNena Vaj

    Will my brother works there and he said that they been working on the title call of duty 5 modern warfare 4 since modern warfare 3 but was push back because last gen and this gen that’s why the made ghost. But hopefully this is the big year for cod5 mw4.

  • George

    Please be mw4 or ww2 I hate the flying and all the future stuff they have added please get back to real life or I won’t buy just like I didn’t buy bo3

  • dmaynard

    too bad Ghosts was received so lukewarm. I enjoyed Ghosts, and kicked MP ass at it. Tried AW, hated it. BO3 was slightly better (at least it wasn’t a ridiculous try-hard arena jump-fest like AW was) but when T-Arch started pushing the pay-to-win micro-transactions for weapons, I traded it in for store credit.

    Seriously. Fuck this series if all they want to do is create a wannabe HALO title.

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