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Injustice 2 May Be Coming To PC

by Jelani James


Injustice 2 has been out on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the past few months, leaving fans of the prequel high-and-dry if all they had was a PC. However, this may all change due to a recent listing on Amazon France which clearly shows an Injustice 2 PC Edition on the site.

To be clear, nothing has been confirmed yet and the listing itself is quite bare, with the only pieces of information present on the page being that the game would be a Deluxe Edition and produced by Warner Bros. Games. There’s hardly anything to speak of beyond that, such as box art or an official release date.

Of course, if this pans out to be true then the coming of an Injustice 2 PC port is still something of a mixed bag. Sure, fans on the PC will finally be able to get their hands on their Injustice 2 and pre-existing owners on consoles will get to experience the wonders of the game that only a PC would be able to provide, but that hinges heavily on the port being good and past evidence suggests it won’t be.

To put it simply, NetherRealm fighting games have a terrible track record on the PC. Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice: Gods Among Us were both lackluster upon their release on PC and various facets of each needed to be fixed soon after, while the Mortal Kombat Trilogy still doesn’t run at all on Windows 10. The biggest offender, however, was Mortal Kombat 10’s PC port, which was an utter nightmare on launch. Between the broken netcode, late updates and overall poor performance, users on Steam destroyed the port in their reviews before everything was fixed (and some still don’t recommend it).

This poor track record might have been the result of NetherRealm’s general lack of involvement with any of the PC ports. To date, NRS has never developed a PC port of its own title and has always relied on other developers to do the work. As such, it might not have been all too surprising (and arguably a little relieving) that an Injustice 2 PC version didn’t appear as a simultaneous launch with those on consoles.

However, this late PC release is NRS’ chance to turn things around in a big way. As evidenced by the fixes issued to MKX’s PC port, its clear that NRS is capable of handling a title on the PC. With that in mind, why not just skip the middle man and do that from the start?

NetherRealm needs to dissolve the negative stigma its titles on the PC have earned over the years, and taking charge of Injustice 2 is the perfect opportunity do so.

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