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Insomniac Has No Plans To Bring Song Of The Deep To Nintendo Switch

by Mike Guarino


Nintendo Switch is still in its infancy as it slowly accumulates a respectable amount of games during its launch period, and lately we’ve been hearing about more and more games that will be coming to the console. However, if you’re a Song of the Deep fan hoping for a Nintendo Switch port, then we have some bad news for you.

Insomniac Games was asked by a fan on Twitter regarding whether or not Song of the Deep would be getting a Switch port, and the developer simply replied with “We have no plans for that.” It was definitely a clear-cut answer from the company, as sometimes a developer will at least express interest in making it happen at some point even if they don’t have plans to currently.

Song of the Deep launched during the middle of last year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with the game being an underwater metroidvania. It has the player control Merryn, a 12-year-old girl who loves her father, a fisherman, even when he tells her tall tales of his adventures. When her father goes missing at sea one day, she has a vision of him being trapped at the depths of the ocean. Determined to find him, she crafts a submarine and gear to explore the ocean, and is startled to see that many of her father’s tales were actually true.

The game’s world contains areas that require the player to locate special improvements for Merryn and her equipment, which help her to surpass obstacles and explore further. While there are enemies in the game that can harm Merryn, the game is aimed less towards combat and more on exploration and puzzle solving, with the way that objects behave underwater being a major gameplay component.

Song of the Deep received average reviews at launch, with many citing boring combat and some of the puzzles being very tedious. However, most agreed that its world was well-designed and visually impressive, with the narrative that came along with it being very emotional.

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