Is Halo Infinite Worth Playing in Season 2?

Lots of customization options, with new maps and modes to allow you to assert dominance.

by J.R. Waugh


Halo Infinite is now into its second season, after just short of 6 months of the Heroes of Reach season during the open beta period before the game’s launch in November.  Fans became concerned and fatigued with the lack of updates, not the least of which being with a low variety of modes, maps, and issues connecting to Big Team Battle.  With Season 2, named “Lone Wolves”, fans will be pleased to see a rather substantial update, but be left yearning for more at the same time, so be sure to read on.

Is Halo Infinite Worth Playing in Season 2?

Halo Infinite Season 2 is easily worth playing entirely because it does not overwrite Season 1 outright, and players can go back to the Season 1 Battle Pass in case they never completed it.  Season 2 features 2 killer new maps, “Catalyst” for tough tactical combats with varying paths, and “Breaker” which serves as a standout for its versatility.  “Breaker” as a map is especially fun in Big Team Battles when vehicles are involved, or in some of the newer modes included in this update.

In addition to the new modes, the battle pass is rather meaty this time around, featuring lots of fun new armor options, and the season even kicked off with a 2-week Event Pass, “Interference” with even more goodies to unlock, for free.  The most enticing thing about this event pass is likely the final reward, a helmet attachment that allows you to mix some Splinter Cell vibes into your armor customization.

New Modes in Season 2


There are 3 new modes as of the beginning of season 2: King of the Hill, which turns otherwise less popular destinations in maps into high-tension mini-battlegrounds where teams will be forced to crush their opposition for dominance; Rumble Pit, which is a mixture of Slayer and Free For All; and Last Spartan Standing, which is the game’s recent take on the Battle Royale mode, where 12 players have 6 lives before they’re eliminated.  Last Spartan Standing is playable online on the “Breaker” map and makes great use of a leveling system regarding your loadouts, progressing from pistols and culminating in the Bulldog and Battle Rifle, two devastating firearms that serve for exciting conclusions to any match.

Unlockables and Rewards in Season 2


In addition to the Event Pass which features much more reasonable challenges (all themed around Last Spartan Standing, the most challenging being the ones for Back Smack kills), the Battle Pass is quite substantial this season.  The armor rewards are highly distinctive, with the Rakshasa and Eaglestrike armor cores being new, visually-striking varieties to customize your ideal Spartan avatar in battle.  Rakshasa will be available to unlock all season long, but if you want the bulky, heavy Eaglestrike core, you’ll want to participate in the May 24th-30th event pass, Fracture Entrenched, although if it’s anything like the Fracture Tenrai event, it’ll likely have several weeks scattered across the season.


This concludes the most important updates in Halo Infinite Season 2 yet.  Campaign co-op is likely to appear in August, with Forge Mode to follow in September, both occurring during the season.  Be sure to hop back in and finish the fight, Spartans.

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