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Italian Retailer Offering Pre-orders For PlayStation VR Headset Already

by Damian Seeto


An Italian retailer is accepting pre-orders for the PlayStation VR headset already.

As spotted by TheGamesCabin, Italian retailer Multiplayer has put up a listing for you to pre-order the PlayStation VR headset. If you want one, you can get in your order now if you live in Italy.

If you order from Multiplayer, you can get free shipping so that is a nice bonus. Sadly, it does not show any indication for an exact release date, although it has a bloated placeholder price of€499.90.

It notes in the disclaimer: LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE! HOW DOES IT WORK: Please note! Price and sale date are not confirmed then: If it will cost more, the price of your booking will not change if it will cost less, we’ll refund the difference!

Pretty much you can order the PlayStation VR headset for €499.90 if you really want to. When Sony confirms a proper price, Multiplayer will refund the difference. It’s kind of weird that this retailer is allowing pre-orders before a proper price tag has been confirmed.

If you live in Italy, it’s best you wait until a price has been confirmed first before you pre-order the headset from Multiplayer. We might hear more news about the VR headset during next week’s Paris Games Week event.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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