Japan hates Kinect…Officially

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The company that tracks sales in the Japanese video game software and hardware market, Media Create, just released its weekly report.  And guess what, it chronicled Kinect’s first week of sales or lack thereof.

They labled it as a “quiet start” and that is putting it politely.  November 20th and 21st, Kinect’s launch window in the land of the rising sun, saw just 26,000 units sold in both the bundled and non bundled forms.

To put it in perspective the Kinect sold roughly half of the PlayStation Move sales in a similar time period.

From what it sounds like, noone in Japan has room to move around. Therefore, they aren’t buying motion controllers.  You would expect that the Move would would sell significantly more than the Kinect, or more than 50,000 units.

Regardless, the Kinect is still selling like gangbusters in the U.S.  So much so that Microsoft can’t manage to keep the device on store shelves during the holiday period and third party re-sellers are cleaning up in the process.

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