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Journalists begin taking sides in Xbox One vs PS4

by William Schwartz


The first shots of the next-generation console war between the Xbox One and PS4 have been fired. Both Microsoft and Sony have revealed their hardware, price points, games, and feature sets for the new consoles set to arrive later this year. Journalists have begun to take sides in the war between Sony and Microsoft, with Edge Magazine ready to publish their next issue with an outright recommendation to pass on the Xbox One.

The PS4 is the only option right now, says Edge

The latest issue explains how “Sony crushed Microsoft at E3”, and that the PS4 is “The Only Option Right Now” claiming that “Microsoft Blew It” at the tradeshow.

It appears that even with Microsoft reversing their stance on their always online requirements and DRM restrictions, the popular magazine is declaring the PS4 the winner. We’ve yet to read the feature, but it sounds like Edge is all-in on supporting the PlayStation 4, deeming it “Your Next Console”.

The magazine known for its punishing reviews goes on sale this Thursday.

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