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Killing Floor 2 Zed-conomy Update Brings Microtransactions, but in a Good Way

by Kyle Hanson


Killing Floor 2 is currently working its way through the early access period and toward a full release on Steam. The latest update, titled Zed-conomy, brings the much dreaded microtransactions to the mix, but further examination shows that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The update opens something that Tripwire is calling the Trading Floor. This is an out-of-game place where the developer and members of the community can buy and sell in-game items. Everything contained here is a cosmetic item, offering no benefit to the player other than looking cool and changing the way their character and his/her weapons appear in the game.

Players will begin getting free loot drops at the end of matches, which will give them items that they can later sell on the Trading Floor if they wish. Otherwise they can use the item, or even trade it with a friend for that skin that they might not be using. Special crates and other locked items can also be found, but those will require spending some cash to get what’s inside.

“Horzine supply crates contain a single skin variant of a wearable cosmetic, chosen at random from a set of possible items for each type of crate. The crates can be unlocked with a decryption key purchasable from the Trading Floor or on the Steam Market. Accessories come in different skin variants and 6 tiers of rarity. There is also a chance the crate will contain a precious golden accessory.

“You may also find USB sticks, which contain a single Rare weapon skin blueprint, from a set of possible skins for each type of stick. Unlock them with a decryption key purchasable from the Trading Floor or on the Steam Market. Have a weapon skin you don’t want? Trade it with a friend for one more your style. Or for something else you want. Or just trade the stick. Its up to you. Weapons skins come in 6 tiers of rarity and 3 levels of wear from Mint to Battle-Scarred. There is also a chance it will be an ultra rare precious golden weapon skin.”

Tripwire stresses that nothing in this update will alter the way Killing Floor 2 plays, and they will continue to keep it that way. The money generated from these sales goes toward the continued support of the game, including free updates. “Your guns will continue to fire with exactly the standard 100% gory satisfaction guaranteed, with no effect to your combat statistics OR performance. AND the proceeds will enable us to send you to new and ever-more exotic locations in which to exterminate the Zed menace.”

Killing Floor 2 is available now via Steam Early Access.

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