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Killzone Mercenary details arriving shortly

| January 28, 2013

Killzone Mercenary details arriving shortly News  Killzone Mercenary Killzone 3

Guerrilla Games is set to unveil Killzone Mercenary in the very near future.  After the developers announced the game back at Gamescom 2012, we haven’t heard much from Guerrilla on this shooter for the PS Vita.  Apparently the game will be featured in an Polish magazine called PSX Extreme, and some details have already been nabbed and translated from the copy.

According to the magazine, Killzone Mercenary is nearly 1:1 from the PlayStation 3 version, and the developers have added a few new gimmicks to the engine to take advantage of the PS Vita.  The magazine describes the game as playing Killzone 3 on the PS Vita, and that the game is looking even better than Uncharted.

Following the info dump, Sony’s Fred Dutton says that information is due to arrive on Wednesday once the embargo lifts.  We recently heard from Guerrilla Games when they told fans that 2013 would be a big year for the studio, back in December of last year.

In December’s address to fans, Guerrilla explained that 2013 could “quite possibly be the biggest since we released the original Killzone way back in 2004.” We’ll have to wait until later this week to hear more about what the developers are up to with Killzone: Mercenary.


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    Killzone is a poor mans Gears.

    • Allen

      Somehow I knew it would be some pathetic xbot that left a comment on this Vita page.

      Killzone is an awesome FPS with great graphics and is nothing like the 3rd person shooter Gears is but whatever dude. I’m sure you are very proud of your 2 exclusives. Now STFU, gears and Halo is all xbox has anymore.

      • djmagnumb

        Hey Allen, I just figured I’d find you posting a comment here so I wanted to say something even though it has nothing to do with this article. Not that I care who wins next gen console war but….China might be lifting the 12 year ban on gaming consoles soon. If they do Sony will definitely beat Xbox next gen no problem, MAYBE Nintendo too. You gotta figure with over 1 bill people and probably more than 250 mill of them jonesing for video games, Sony will get a big boost from that. Either way I’m excited as hell for next gen. You know I’m an Xbox’er but I may get a PS4 too…’down the road’ a bit. Later dude.

        • Allen

          Hey what up djmagnumb, please you and Jason pay no mind to any xbox hate (true hate) I leave. I don’t really have a problem with xbox gamers really. Hell me and cool dude are alright but things get crazy at times.

          I did hear about the China thing but I don’t know. They probably would prefer Sony over Microsoft but then again they can pirate all they want and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. If I remember right Bill Gates was all pissed off about them copying Windows at will. Of course that’s still a lot of sales.

          I don’t know, I’m just drooling waiting for official specs from either company.

        • Allen

          What’s up djmagnumb, not sure if my comments are making it through so this may be a duplicate. China is known for their piracy, I remember when Bill Gates was all pissed about them copying Windows at will but it will be a huge boost to the gaming community as well. That’s a whole lot more sales even with pirating.

          Please don’t pay attention to any of the hate I give the radical xbox gamers. People like you and Jason are what gives me hope for humanity.

      • Jason

        Killzone 3 was awesome, I played it at a friends house and is a Beautiful game! It has a Dull War like color pallet (Sort of like BF3, but darker) and an awesome array of Bloom and Bounce Lighting (Sort of like Halo 4) and smooth gameplay with chain attacks! It is easily one of the best looking games this gen along with Crysis 2, Uncharted, and Halo 4. Can’t wait to see what Eye candy they put out on PS4!

    • strong

      That was stupid -_- and this is coming from an Xbox fan their nothing alike.

  • skapoo

    of course an xbox guy is gonna waste his time firing up people with a stupid comment, what else is he gonna do, they only get one or 2 games worth shit a year to play. Maybe if he was like Gears is a poor mans Uncharted, that would make more sense but no. Probably has more in the mag like blu ray is stupid, (random ps3 exclusive) is stupid, the ps3 controller is the worst freaking thing ever omg *grabs inhaler*, then moves on to the next forum to start more shit.

    Anyways, AAAH!! gotta get a vita lol Love killzone, can’t wait to see what GG does with the vita, they’re gonna make it sweat. And I have my fingers crossed for an E3 presentation for a project they have planned for the PS4. Great team, they won’t disappoint.

  • Bacon

    Wow, I still see Allen making posts on this site. You are definitely the legendary fanboy on this site lol. I see every now and then new usernames and wondered about what happened to the other extreme fanboys lol. And about the article, am surprised many people aren’t seeing how great the franchise is. I guess when you have only two exclusives there’s nothing else to look forward too unlike the ps3 with its 10+ exclusives!!!! :-D

  • bigjershby

    never played killzone but everytime i read something about it some1s always talking about how good the game looks and/or how perfectly the move works with it

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