Kinect with Night Vision shows how it really works

by AOTF Staff

So if you normally sit around with night vision goggles on and happened to keep them on when playing with you new Kinect you may have noticed something very eery when you fired up your Kinect system.  You are now being invaded by 1000’s of light beams coming out of your new toy.

Sure they probably won’t hurt you so don’t be alarmed, but I’m pretty sure at some point it was considered healthy to smoke as well.  We kid.

What could thousands of beams of light that are tracking your every moment possibly do to you in the long run?  Time will tell.

With Kinect recently launching it appears that new product from Microsoft is a hit at launch.  Hopefully we’ll see some new games that take advantage of the technology in better ways going forward. Check out our review of the Kinect.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2021