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Kingdom Hearts 3 Survey Goes Up On Official Facebook Page Ahead Of E3

by Dean James


Kingdom Hearts 3 was first unveiled two years ago at E3 and since then we have seen very little about the game itself. The game missed E3 entirely last year, with the focus being on the second HD ReMIX game instead. There was talk that Kingdom Hearts 3 might once again be left out from E3, but could the timing of a new survey potentially be teasing some sort of showing.

The official Kingdom Hearts Facebook page shared a survey just the other day that it wanted all fans to go and take. The survey itself is pretty simplistic and like some we’ve seen in the past, but still worth taking to let your voice be heard.

It starts off by asking which games in the series that you have played and then whether you have played both of the ReMIX games. The quiz goes off-topic for a bit by asking what types of genres of games we play and what consoles we own, but gets back to Kingdom Hearts quickly.

The survey finishes off by asking what you want to see in the future of Kingdom Hearts. This is where the Kingdom Hearts 3 discussion really fits, as you can get a chance to tell the developers what you want to see in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The timing of this survey being held is quite interesting, especially with it ending June 12. While incredibly unlikely, perhaps Square Enix is trying to see just what fans want to see in a trailer that could be shown at E3. However, anything they will be showing is more than likely finished if it is indeed going to be shown off. Regardless, hopefully Square Enix will have some sort of surprise for us at E3 next week.

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