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Kingdom Hearts 3 vs. HD Remasters Graphics Comparison

by Dean James


Kingdom Hearts 3 was first revealed to the public two years at E3 2013 and had very few appearances since then, but thankfully Square Enix finally gave us a new trailer with gameplay at E3 this year. With footage being shown off, just how much better does it look than the recent remasters?

The new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 starts off by showcasing the beautiful world of Tangled, the first of what is supposd to be many brand new worlds in the game. The lush grass filled environment looks absolutely beautiful and looks expansive with the scene of jumping off the cliff.

The best comparisons that I could think of to this world were the Deep Jungle and 100 Acre Wood worlds from the first Kingdom Hearts, which made their way into Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX.


Sadly, the above image is the only officially released one from the Tangled world, so the only gameplay based screenshots had to be taken from the trailer. The below is not the best, but you can definitely tell what it will look like as a final product.


The remastered games on PS3 looked fantastic and proved that the PS2 games had the potential to look much better than they originally did. However, the level of improvement found in Kingdom Hearts 3’s Tangled world in comparison to Deep Jungle and 100 Acre Wood is incredible.

The other comparison is a more direct one with the reappearance of Twilight Town in the trailer, as well as in some official images released after. The level of detail on the more minute of details, like bricks and posters, in Twilight Town from the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer is astounding, especially compared to the original appearances of this world.


More than anything, Kingdom Hearts 3 just has a radiant color about it with anything colorful, especially the character models. This is absolutely beautiful and should look even better in action when the full game is released.


Kingdom Hearts 3 is really shaping up to be something special and I know it’s one of my most anticipated games, so hopefully we will even more footage in the near future.

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