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King’s Quest Continues Next Month With “Once Upon A Climb”

by Mike Guarino


The King’s Quest story will continue with episode 3 called Once Upon A Climb next month, with Sierra Games revealing the official release date. Episode 3 will launch on April 26th across all supported platforms.

The next episode is set to focus more on the romance between King Grahame and Queen Valanice. Developer The Odd Gentlemen claims that, “Longtime fans may think they know the legend of how Graham rescued his future bride from the wicked witch Hagatha’s tower. But the truth behind the fairytale is much more complicated!”

The first episode in the rebooted series, called A Knight To Remember, launched on July 28th to critical acclaim. It was followed by A Rubble Without A Cause on December 15th, which found similar acclaim. The wait between episodes has certainly been lengthy, but the waits seem to have been worth it for most so far.

King’s Quest: Once Upon A Climb will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on April 26th.

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