Kobe Bryant Has A Better NBA Live 16 Player Rating Than In 2K16

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EA Sports seems to be more generous with its player ratings system in NBA Live 16.  Kobe Bryant is rated higher in EA’s game compared to NBA 2K16.

As you can see from the screenshot above, Kobe Bryant has been rated 89 in NBA Live 16. This is higher than the 85 that he received in NBA 2K16. His rating in 2K16 is the lowest he has ever received in his entire career.

EA Sports also revealed more player ratings from top NBA stars:Dwyane Wade (88), Damian Lillard (90), Chris Paul (95), Blake Griffin (95), Russel Westbrook (84), LeBron James (97), Kevin Durant (96), Carmelo Anthony (91), Klay Thompson (91), John Wall (90), Dwight Howard (92), Kawhi Leonard (89), Pau Gasol (91), Marc Gasol (95)

The ratings are higher in general than in 2K16. LeBron James is 94 in 2K’s game, but is 97 in NBA Live 16. Kevin Durant is only 91 in the other game, but an impressive 96 here in this game.

Player ratings are fun to see and even the players themselves debate if they should be higher or not. However, ratings increase and decrease depending on how well they play during the real-life NBA season.

NBA 2K16 is more strict with its rating system as only a handful of players are allowed to be rated above 90. Here in NBA Live 16, many players are above 90.

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