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Konami Announces Free DLC For Super Bomberman R

by Darrin Wright


Super Bomberman R, which released earlier this month on the Nintendo Switch, is getting some downloadable content support from publisher Konami, and it’s free.

The announcement came during a Konami-sponsored livestream on The Game Theorists’ YouTube channel, although further details were scant. All we know for sure is there are water-themed and ice-themed worlds planned, with more levels and characters a part of the release, with Konami promising more details to come in “the next few days.”

It’s surprising and noteworthy because Konami doesn’t necessarily have a reputation for being good or generous with their DLC, with some free offerings falling short of what fans expected while other paid DLC, like for Metal Gear Solid Vended up needing some serious retooling.

Other than that, the livestream showed off some of Super Bomberman R‘s multiplayer, which is a great selling point for the game, which features 8-person multiplayer either in-person or via online play. It certainly looks fun, and those playing (in an admittedly controlled environment) don’t seem to have any of the lag issues that plagued the game at launch, although those were reportedly addressed with a recent update.

In fact, Super Bomberman R seems to be doing well for Konami, as the Switch release’s return to old-school gameplay has sold better than most other releases in the franchise, netting 40,000 sales, in Japan, in the first week alone. While it seems to prove popular for fans of the series, the game has been more divisive from a critical perspective, achieving both high praise and scathing criticism and currently sitting at a mediocre “63” on Metacritic at the moment.

Have you been playing Super Bomberman R, or do you at least plan on picking it up? What kind of future DLC support would you like to see for the game? Let us know in the comments.

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