Konami Is Aware Of Metal Gear Online’s Problem And Issues

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It has been over 10 days since Metal Gear Online launched but some people are still having problems. Konami is aware of the issues and is investigating it.

The official Metal Gear Online Twitter page tweeted:Here we are at the weekend, just over 10 days since the launch of MGO for console players. We’ve been taking in feedback from all kinds of sources, including, and especially so this Twitter account. Thank you for your input. We’ve also been reading extensive feedback on forums and different videos as well.

With the game still young yet, I can’t announce any particular changes/updates at this time. We obviously don’t feel our work is perfect out of the gate and definitely recognize issues players have been having. Likewise we’re excited to finally have the game out there and are enjoying watching people have fun with it, we’ve been enjoying it as well! Moreso we really appreciate the dedication so many fans have put into tournaments and twitch streams.

Thanks again for your continued support and passion, of that we’ve seen in fulton loads. Enjoy the weekend and Metal Gear Online.”

It’s too bad they cannot announce any patches or updates yet. However, it’s good to know they are listening to the feedback and are aware of the some of the problems some gamers have been experiencing.

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