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Larian Studios Gives us a Little More Information on Baldurs Gate III

The teases are strong with the developers.

by Alex Levine


Larian took the stage at the PC Gaming Show to explain more information about their upcoming surprise game, Baldurs Gate III. Theirs no doubt that the series is considered the apex of RPG games, and what all of them aspire to be, but just how much do we really know about it’s full revival?

The developers explained that they tried to bring over all sorts of mechanics and abilities for the title, before dismantling it and removing what didn’t work and leaving in whatever did work. They also explained that it’s very important to keep the DnD aspect alive within the title, as the original Baldurs Gate titles are all based off of the very first storylines of the DnD lore. They also revealed a brand new table top game that pre-dates Baldurs Gate III itself, which has a tentative release for later this year. They didn;t go too much into this add on but it’s sage to assume that hardcore fans will be all over this one.

Unfortunately they didnt have a release date for us, instead saying “we’ll be waiting a bit longer.” However, we could be looking at a release much sooner than we think as the game was already announced during the Google Stadia Connect event. More than likely we’re looking at 2020 launch timeframe, but honestly, we’re ok with this. The pressure is easily on for Larian Studios, and the more time needed to complete it the better. Baldurs Gate III will launch for PC and Google Stadia.

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