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Latest Fortnite Update Adds New Modes & Jetpacks

Take to the skies with the new jetpack item in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

by C.J. Keller


The latest update for Fortnite has added some exciting new features and modes to the game.   Most of the big changes come to Battle Royale, and that’s in the form of a new item type in Backpacks and the Jetpack.

The Jetpack is a Legendary item that is found in Treasure Chests.  Classified as a “Backpack”, the Jetpack will take one inventory slot, similar to a weapon or consumable.  Only one Jetpack can be carried at a time, and when it’s been completely consumed it will automatically be destroyed.

Backpacks, or the Jetpack, will take the place of Back Bling cosmetics.  Players can use the Jetpack when in mid-air to gain additional mobility.  The Jetpack can be used for a short duration and must be charged to use again.

Alongside this new item a couple of Limited Time Modes are being introduced with update v4.2.  Solid Gold v2 is one of the modes where all weapon drops are Legendary Rarity that increases drop rates for different items.

Close Quarters is another Limited Time Mode that will be available on May 25th that focuses on Close Quarters Combat with Shotguns and the new Jetpack item.  Both Shotguns and Jetpacks will be found in Chests and Supply Drops.

Update 4.2 for Fortnite is available now, but as noted, the new Close Quarters Mode will not go live until Friday, May 25th.