Latest Monster Hunter World Iceborne Announcement Confirms New Monsters And Features

Including a new water-based Elder Dragon.

by Jelani James
Monster Hunter World Iceborne4

Capcom has released another trailer and developer diary for the upcoming Monster Hunter World: Iceborne confirming the inclusion of three new regular monsters, including a brand-new Elder Dragon, as well as a bunch of other info.

For what it’s worth, all three of the aforementioned monsters — Brachydios, Barioth and Acidic Glavenus — were already known to anyone who’s been following Iceborne in recent months, but it’s still good to see them formally revealed and officially in action.

As with all returning monsters, Brachydios (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate) and Barioth (Monster Hunter Tri) have been adapted and retooled to make them better suited to the New World.

On Brachydios’ part, the brute wyvern still retains its signature ability to inflict slime status on the player, but said slime now has the capacity to explode at different time intervals depending on which attack was used to inflict the status effect with. Similarly, players will really need to watch out for the slime pools Brachydios leaves on the ground since they can now momentarily trap anyone who touches it.

Meanwhile, Barioth is just as agile as before, but can use the surrounding environment to greater effect. For instance, the developer diary notes the flying wyvern can cling to walls and use them as a vantage point to either fire blasts of ice or tackle its foes from above.

On the other end of the spectrum, Acidic Glavenus was designed to offer a different take on the Glavenus fight.

Envisioned as a Long Sword, rather than a Great Sword, this subspecies has two “forms” depending on whether its tail is sharpened. While in its “sheathed” stated (indicated by the crystals covering the tail), this brute wyvern does less damage, but is capable of inflicting defense down on anyone who it hits. And though it does lose this property once the tail is sharpened, it does far more damage (even more if the player’s defense is lowered), so players will need to be aware of which state the monster is in and react accordingly.

For the final new monster reveal, though we didn’t get to see it in action, we were offered our first glimpse at a brand-new Elder Dragon coming to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne — Namielle. Details about it are basically non-existent, but we know it’s water-based, so players finally have a reason to actually care about water resistance.

Lastly, Capcom announced a few new features and updates that players can look forward to in the future, such as an upgradable Guardian Armor set that will be provided via a free update on Sept. 4; Hunter Helper, which rewards Master and High Rank players for assisting lower rank players; along with a slew of weapon/balance adjustments.

Check out the new trailer and developer diary below: