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Latest No Man’s Sky: Beyond Patch Adds Community Event, Optimizations

Community goals and new missions add more to do in latest update.

by Brandon Adams


Hello Games released patch 2.12 for No Man’s Sky: Beyond earlier today, adding a new community event, vanity equipment and optimizations across the entire game. Added in the patch were ‘Quicksilver Missions’, and ‘Encrypted Missions’. Quicksilver Missions reward the vanity currency they are named after, and spawn once a day. Players can hold up to three Quicksilver Missions at a time. ‘Encrypted Missions, “…offer especially interesting and lucrative rewards.” The details of what players must do will not be revealed until after the mission starts.

Atop all this, Hello Games has added a new community event to No Man’s Sky: Beyond. Players simply have to complete Nexus missions if they wish to contribute, eventually unlocking five different Vy’keen vanity pieces (which have a heavy-armor flavor to them). There is no stated end-date for the event, and progress can be tracked via The Galactic Atlas or within the game at the Quicksilver Robot.


A Little Extra Love Elsewhere

In addition to the new event and mission types, Hello Games has made VR optimizations for No Man’s Sky: Beyond for both the PC and PSVR versions, such as making the image in the PSVR version less blurry due to the TAA anti-aliasing. Hello Games state they, “[i]ntroduced a number of general PC optimisations”, but as to what those are they do not go into detail. AMD laptop users will be happy to see multiple crashes have been addressed in this patch as well. The stack multiplier for many products has been increased, and NPC language encounters were rebalanced to lead to more positive interactions.  Hello Games also fixed the Blaze Javelin not working in VR, which I was starting to think was an issue on my end, but good to see addressed here. These changes and more can be found in the official 2.12 patch notes.

What’s Next for No Man’s Sky

Hello Games has been busy patching No Man’s Sky: Beyond since its launch earlier in August, and within the patch notes promise, “there is much more coming very soon.” Whether that is an update similar to The Abyss from last year, or further events in smaller patches like this one remains to be seen. Either way, Hello Games continues to impress with how far they have dragged No Man’s Sky from it’s woesome initial launch to where it stands today. Whatever the future may bring, it continues to look bright for No Man’s Sky.

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