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New Left 4 Dead game coming to Japanese arcades

by William Schwartz


Valve is known for not following up their video game series to make a full trilogy. Though we’re learning of a new Left 4 Dead video game currently in development. The downside, it’s made for just Japanese arcades, don’t expect a console release.

Not much is known about the Left 4 Dead: Survivor video game which is being developed through a partnership between Japanese publisher Taito and Valve. This isn’t the first time the two has partnered as Valve and Taito brought out Half-Life 2: Survivor for again Japanese arcades.

The game is only said to be coming soon however there is a teaser video of the video game. You can check out the video down below. At the very least, the teaser looks interesting but again, the game is set to only release in Japan.

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