Attack of the Fanboy

More Half Life 2 Episode 3 Chatter Hits the Web

by William Schwartz


An image got dropped on the internet today.  A simple image really, a Half Life logo with the word Freeman and a date June 14th.  If you look further down the impression of a man’s face.

Considering that I could make this myself in photoshop it’s hard to put much weight behind the image.  It’s unlikely that we get any confirmation on this prior to E3 but you can almost feel that an Episode 3 announcement is in the cards for the convention.

At least we’re hoping so.

Update: We removed the image as Valve’s Gabe Newell has confirmed that it was fake shortly after it had been discovered. What’s not been discovered, Half Life 3. Seven years later, Valve still hasn’t said anything about Half Life 3 and no more than ever it’s seeming like it’s never going to happen and most people that had been holding out hope have long abandoned ship.

Worse yet, almost everyone that were crucial parts of the Half Life team have left Valve over the years. It’s all hats people, Valve is all hats now.

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