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Half Life 3 questions appear to be getting old for Gabe Newell

| March 15, 2013

Half Life 3 questions appear to be getting old for Gabe Newell News  Valve Steam Half Life 3   Gabe Newell was recently honored with the Academy Fellowship at BAFTA for his contributions to the game industry.  You could say that ushering in a digital era with the Steam platform would give interviewers plenty of ammunition to speak with Gabe about, but instead, the conversation turned to the usual.   When asked about Half Life 3, presumably for one millionth time, no confetti rained down on the audience, nor did Gabe change his answer about the game. (5:00 minute mark for Half Life 3 talk)

“We don’t have anything to say about it,” said Newell.  No hints, no clues, no new information for Half Life fans.

Though Newell did share his thoughts on where gaming is heading in the next five years.  He believes that the players of games and their communities will be the ones responsible for a lot of the great content that comes to games.

“More and more of the experience is going to be created by the people who are participating in those experiences.  How do you give an award for best game design when its a community of ten million people that are building the experience.”

As for Half Life 3, we’ve heard literally nothing about the game for years.  With the developments in Steam’s console efforts with the Steam Box, it wouldn’t be a wild prediction to think that Valve may want to leverage the popular franchise in some way with any hardware they are creating.

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  • iPadCary

    FUCK Gabe Newell ….
    The questions wouldn’t be “getting old” if he’d just fucking answer it.
    Nobody’s asking to see a walkthrough video.
    No one’s asking to see a trailer.
    Nobody’s asking what the story’s about or what the concept art looks like or how G-Man figures into the whole situation.

    All people ARE asking is if the fucking game even exists.
    How is saying “Yes, it’s being worked on” gonna lessen sales by even ONE or “ruin” a surprise for anyone?

    What WILL happen is that people, and rightly so, think that because there’s such an iron curtain of secrecy, this game must be the be-all/end-all of interactive entertainment.
    And when the expectations are SO high, no game by anybody — no matter how big a genius he is — can’t possibly hope to live to to the “hype of non-hype”, if you will, then real or percieved bad word of mouth about the game will spread like wildfire & it’s buh-bye “Half-Life”.

    Don’t believe me?
    Well then, I’ve got just one word for you ….

    • mrhertz

      i guess you can expect half life 3 for the next gen. not before…. thats by bet.

      it will be shown when it had to be shown. right now steam is all about that tiny box to plug on tv.

      maybe he mentioned to see how many people he would catch with that bait, and maybe he got much less than he expected, who knows?

      do you really feel that it shakes steam any bit right now? i dont.

  • BlehBleh

    @ iPadCary Well said!

  • Matt

    I’m really getting tired to wait at the point of maybe not play the game if it hits the market…I mean….When i was younger i had hours to play games
    but i don’t have so much time anymore….and it makes me sad, because they should care about the fans, but it seems, money push harder….They simply shit on the fans…and some people like me, got tired of waiting

    • TruthBeTold05

      Well that’s evolution in game development for you. Devs these days, some if not most are very greedy, just take a look at the DLC with about 40% to 50% or more of the game on there just to make a quick profit while it should be apart of the main game.
      Then again some things are worth the wait depending how you look at it. Take R* for example, they have delayed almost all their games in the last decade or so and the game turns out polished. You wouldn’t believe how much I anticipated Max Payne 3 when it was announced or now with GTA V.

      • Solidus-Snake

        Eagerly awaiting HL3 for 2050…hopefully I’ll get to play it on my Macbook Celestia on a boat in the middle of an ocean due to the fact that climate change has already consumed 90% of the Earth’s landmass by then…

        • TruthBeTold05

          Lol. It might come out next year for sure. They may be waiting for next gen to come.

  • Alix2409

    I found this Half-Life 3 teaser:

    It’s prob’ fake but that would be so cool! They should just give us a freaking date!!

    • pijanola

      This is how HL2 episode 2 ends, so i don’t think this i a HL3 teaser.

  • Poorlaggedman

    The Half-life 2 mod communities have been really suffering over the last few years. It’s been more than ten years and no Half-life 3, not even acknowledgement of it.

  • mnedes

    Leave us with a Cliff Hanger, Still Angry and its 2017 !