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Life is Strange 2 Reveals Release Dates for All Remaining Episodes

New episodes are coming out right up to the end of the year.

by Dylan Siegler


It looks like DONTNOD is taking a cue from Telltale Games (before all their plans fell apart and they ended up shutting down, anyway) and announcing the release dates of every upcoming episode of Life is Strange 2, rather than just announcing dates as they get closer to them.

The team behind Life is Strange 2 recently took to social media to reveal the release dates of all the remaining episodes of Life is Strange 2, and it looks like this game is going to be continuing for quite a while. First, it was revealed that the upcoming third episode of the game, entitled “Wastelands,” is set for release on May 9. Following this, Episode 4 will release on August 22 and the fifth and final episode will premiere on December 3.

Considering the game’s first episode came out last year on September 27 and the second episode came out earlier this year on January 24, this means that there is a gap of three and a half months to four months between each episode of this game, which are certainly much bigger wait times than fans had to endure for the first Life is Strange or Before the Storm, both of which released episodes pretty consistently every two months. It looks like when DONTNOD said that Life is Strange 2 would be much bigger and more ambitious than their first episodic adventure, they weren’t kidding.

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