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Life Is Strange Episode 3 Launch Trailer Debuts As Release Approaches

by Dean James


Life is Strange jumped onto the scene early this year as a very ambitious take by Dontnod in the choose your own adventure style genre that Telltale Games brought back into prominence over the last few years. So far we’ve seen the first two episodes and with the highly anticipated third episode only a day away, the official launch trailer for Life is Strange Episode 3 – Chaos Theory has been released courtesy of the official PlayStation YouTube channel.

Life is Strange has managed to introduce us to a very unique and well detailed world in only two episodes, with plenty of shocking moments along the way. Episode 2 may not have built on the superb ending of the first as much as it should have, but it was yet another solid episode that had a fantastic cliffhanger ending.

What makes Life is Strange really special in this genre is just how much weight your choices have in the game, with major life-changing decisions affecting not only you, but surrounding characters in the game. It appears that this will continue in Life is Strange Episode 3 as well, where everything is starting to ramp up even further.

While the trailer is available, those who don’t want to be spoiled on anything may want to avoid it completely, as it does show off a lot from the episode. If this does not bother you, feel free to check out the launch trailer for Life is Strange: Episode 3 – Chaos Theory below.

Life is Strange Episode 3 – Chaos Theory Launch Trailer

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