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Limited Time Jak II PS4 Discs Will be Available This Friday

Both standard and Collector's Editions will be available for a limited time.

by Dylan Siegler


Last month, Naughty Dog and Limited Run Games announced a partnership in which they would be re-releasing all four Jak and Daxter games as physical discs for the PlayStation 4. The standard and Collector’s Edition copies of the first Jak and Daxter are all sold out, but the physical PS4 copies of Jak II will be available for the first time soon.

Limited Run Games recently announced that standard editions and Collector’s Editions of Jak II for PS4 will be available starting on January 25. However, only 7500 standard editions and 3500 Collector’s Editions will be made, and they will be available across two batches, the first of which becomes available at 7:00am PST/10:00am EST and the second of which becomes available at 3:00pm PST/6:00pm EST on January 25.


The standard editions will contain a physical copy of the game with reversible cover art and is expected to ship sometime in February. The Collector’s Edition will also come with the physical game with reversible cover art, as well as a 3-disc soundtrack, a reversible poster, a Design Bible, a USB stick shaped like a PS2 memory card, a set of foil trading cards, and a Seal of Mar replica. The Collector’s Edition will cost $84.99 and is expected to ship in March. Both the standard and Collector’s Editions will only be available from Limited Run Games’ website.

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