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Lionhead Hires New Boss

by William Schwartz


Lionhead, developer of the Fable series, has finally found a replacement for Peter Molyneux, who left the company last year.

John Needham, former CEO of Cryptic Studios, Gazillion Entertainment, and CFO of Sony Online Entertainment, has been sworn in as new Studio Head. Needham has much experience, but can he fill Molyneux’s shoes? Microsoft seems to think so.

“John’s deep understanding of all aspects of the gaming industry, from subscription-based, massively multiplayer to client-based console and free-to-play online, PC and mobile experiences, will be a huge benefit to Lionhead and European Studio operations more widely,” they said in a statement.

Needham will report to Microsoft’s Phil Harrison, who praised him for his leadership experience and believes that he will “lead Lionhead towards an ambitious online future.”

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