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Lizard Squad Takes Down Destiny, COD Ghosts And FIFA 15 Servers

by Damian Seeto


Hacker group, The Lizard Squad, are causing havoc to the gaming community again by taking down the servers for Destiny, Call of Duty: Ghosts and EA.

The Lizard Squad tweeted the following messages:

“CoD Ghosts & Destiny #offline” and “EA #offline”

The EA game that people have noticed that has been down is FIFA 15. Titanfall seems to still be running okay. It’s too early to tell what other games are down, but it looks like The Lizard Squad are still trying to take down even more games. They already tweeted on Friday they would start hacking down servers again.

Kotaku has reported that Call of Duty: Ghosts servers are back online. As at time of writing though, Destiny servers are still down. Bungie is aware of the issues and are looking to correct things.

The main problem with Destiny is the fact that entire game is unplayable if you’re not connected to the servers. Even if you want to play the game on your own, the game is “always-online”. At least with Call of Duty: Ghosts and FIFA 15 you can still play some of the modes offline.

For everyone out there playing these games, just thank the Lizard Squad for the outages.

Update: It appears other EA games like Madden 15 and The Sims 4 are having trouble too.

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