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Location-Based Game The Walking Dead: Our World Coming to Mobile Devices

by Dylan Siegler


After the immense success of augmented reality mobile game Pokémon GO, it was obvious that other companies would eventually try out its formula to attempt to create successful mobile games of their own. But I don’t think anyone was expecting this one. AMC launched a website and announced today (August 29) that an augmented reality Walking Dead game, entitled The Walking Dead: Our World, will be coming to the Apple App Store and Google Play soon.

From the trailer that was released for the game, it appears as though the game will take in the real-world environment that the player is in, much like Pokémon GO, but instead of catching Pokémon, you will be collecting randomly spawning weapons to kill zombies that infest the area you are in. Your location may have advantages or disadvantages, such as having places to hide or not. It also looks like there may be a friendly fire mechanic, possibly taking points away for accidentally harming other players instead of zombies. The game will also feature characters from The Walking Dead TV show, such as Rick, Daryl and Michonne.

AMC has had somewhat of a bumpy track record releasing The Walking Dead video games, however. Their first attempt, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, was received incredibly poorly, according to a review aggregate by Metacritic. Their most recent attempt at a game, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, a mobile game tied to the ongoing TV show, received mixed ratings. No specific release date has been announced for Our World.

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