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Looks Like Watch Dogs 2 Is Currently In Development

by Damian Seeto


An Ubisoft employee may have accidentally revealed that Watch Dogs 2 is currently being developed.

Ubisoft senior gameplay programmer, Julien Risse, revealed the development of Watch Dogs 2 on his LinkedIn profile. He has since removed any references of the sequel, but Videogamer took a screenshot where he clearly showed he is working on Watch Dogs 2 right now.

Ubisoft have said in the past that they intended for Watch Dogs to be their next big franchise. Despite the mixed critical reception, the game was one of the best selling games from 2014. It was also one of Ubisoft’s best selling games ever. It was obvious from the start that Watch Dogs 2 would be made.

Ubisoft also already revealed a few months ago that they are going back to the drawing board to see what was wrong with Watch Dogs. Their intention for Watch Dogs 2 is to make the game a better experience for all gamers. Some gamers felt the first game was repetitive and the main character was boring.

Ubisoft have yet to formally announce Watch Dogs 2. It looks like the company is still not ready to confirm its existence judging by Julien Risse quickly editing his public LinkedIn profile.

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