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Lords Of The Fallen ‘Game Of The Year Edition’ Coming Next Month

by William Schwartz


Despite Lords Of The Fallen 2 already being confirmed to be in development, months ago by the games executive producer Tomasz Gop. The original Lords Of The Fallen is going to be receiving a double-dip in what is going to be dubbed Lords Of The Fallen Game Of The Year Edition.

The Lords Of The Fallen Game Of The Year Edition is set to not only include the base game, but also all previously released DLC and new exclusive armor and weapons that will be only available in the GOTY edition of the game. The rundown of the contents of the extra contents are below. No word on what weapons and armor will be exclusive just yet.

  • ‘Ancient Labyrinth’ DLC
  • Demonic Weapons Pack
  • Lionheart Pack
  • ‘The Monk’s Decipher’ DLC

Back when it released we thought that Lords Of The Fallen was a pretty “solid RPG” when we reviewed it a 3/5. Stating that it is a “commendable first attempt whose follow-up, if there is one planned, could stand as a worthy rival to the Souls series”. Hopefully this also means we will hear more about the sequel soon from City Interactive with E3 around the corner.

Lords Of The Fallen Game Of The Year Edition is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 26th.

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