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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch

The third installment is coming next year to the Switch.

by Dylan Siegler


Today (September 13), Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct stream to discuss upcoming Switch and 3DS games. The stream kicked off with the announcement of a new game.

As soon as the Nintendo Direct started, it was announced that a new game in the Luigi’s Mansion series is currently in development, under the working title Luigi’s Mansion 3. Not much else was revealed about the game, other than that it is coming to the Switch sometime in 2019. It was stated, however, that there is a lot of information to reveal about the game, but that it will be revealed at a later date.

Meanwhile, Luigi’s Mansion fans can get their fixes on the 3DS. The original GameCube game is getting ported to the 3DS next month, on October 12, and it was revealed during this Nintendo Direct that there will be a new multi-player mode for the 3DS version. Certain aspects of multi-player will be available to players who each own a copy of the game, while other aspects will be available to pairs of players who only have one copy of the game between them, using Download Play. The second game in the series, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, is also available on the 3DS for fans to play while they wait for the third installment.

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