Attack of the Fanboy

Lupe Fiasco Beats Daigo in Arranged Street Fighter V Match

by Jason Eliason


Back in January Lupe Fiasco expressed his admiration for professional Street Fighter player, Daigo Umihara.  In response, Mark Julio of Mad Catz (Daigo’s sponsor) then offered to arrange an exibition match between the two.  What was to be a humble bout between a rookie celebrity and his favorite SF player soon took a completely unexpected turn… Lupe won.

The match took place on Monday at a private Street Fighter V launch event at The Foundry in San Francisco.  Daigo was flown from Japan to attend.  From the very beginning of the first to five matches, it became clear that Fiasco had done his homework on The Beast and did not intend to lose.  Though Daigo’s accuracy and experience was clearly present in the match, Lupe Fiasco’s own advantage was that he had studied his opponent, which yielded a slew of successful responses to Daigo’s strategies.  You can view the match below.

You may remember the last time our attention was drawn to Daigo Umihara, when he donated his Capcom Cup winnings to Evo’s Scholarship Fund.  Upon receiving an increase in popularity after his famous 2004 Street Fighter 3rd Strike match against Justin Wong, Daigo has been regarded as one of the most iconic professionals in the Street Fighter franchise.

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